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Greetings All,


AddRun.pngWe have just released a patch update for the recently released version of BMC Discovery, 20.02 (v12.0).  Patch 1 is currently available to download via the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.


For a list of bugs that were fixed in this release, release notes can be found here.


With Patch 1, you can now specify which outpost to perform specific discovery runs.  This is available when you select the Targeting type as IP Address.  You can select whether you want to perform the scan through a specific outpost or the local appliance.

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The May 2020 TKU is now available for download via BMC EPD site as it previously wasn't ready for 12.0 appliances.  Patch 1 must be applied before installing the May TKU.  (Note: This is the same TKU that was released on May 15th and now compatible with 12.0 Patch 1.  Customers on 12.0 are the only ones that need to take further action today in regards to the May 2020 TKU.)


We strongly recommend that you upgrade to version 12.0 Patch 1 if you are on any previous versions of BMC Discovery 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, or 11.3.  For details about the upgrade procedure, see the Upgrade BMC Discovery page.



Greg DeaKyne

Lead Discovery Product Manager