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An issue that BMC Discovery customers sometimes encounter is when their Discovery appliance becomes either low on disk space, or runs out of disk space completely and will not start.  Below are some of the resources available to solve this problem (note that this applies to On-Premise Discovery).



  • The utilization issue will usually be related to one of two partitions, and there are previous blog posts with information about both of these situations:

The  /usr  partition (or the /usr/tideway partition in CentOS 7)


The /mnt/addm/db_data  datastore partition



  • A detailed video which explains how to diagnose and solve Discovery Appliance disk space issues can be watched here:




Knowledge Articles

  • There are good Knowledge Articles on the subject, most of which are linked in the blog posts above.  My favorite is:

                         Discovery: The appliance has shut down because available disk space is low. The appliance services cannot be restarted.


It includes commands that can be used to diagnose where the utilization problem may be, common causes of partitions filling up, and methods to address the problem.



  • There is documentation on a number of related subjects, including:

The built in Disk Space monitors are located at the link below.  It describes describes their purpose and how to configure them.  It also details viewing and managing disk space on your appliances.:


Adding new disks to your appliance or cluster:

Support Case

  • If the above are not sufficient to solve your disk space issue, feel free to open a Support case.  Please include the following:

                         The output of the command df -h run from your appliance cli.

                         The output of the command du -h /usr/tideway | sort -n -r | head -n 20 run from your appliance cli.