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Hello Discovery Community,


We have recently released some new features in BMC Helix Discovery as a Service (DaaS), as well as in the December TKU and I am excited to share with you some of the details.  Some of these items came directly from all of you via your interactions in the community; whether it was via an idea or general discussion.


Below is a brief outline of the new features in 19.11:


Available in BMC Helix Discovery as a Service (DaaS) Only


Integration with Credential Management Systems

We have added in DaaS, the ability to integrate with the following external credential management systems.  You can now configure the integration with the providers using the vault providers page in the BMC Helix Discovery Outpost.


Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.38.21 PM.jpg










ServiceNow CMDB Sync

With BMC Helix Discovery 19.11, you can now setup a CMDB synchronization with ServiceNow natively within DaaS.  The integration will sync your BMC Helix Discovery data to a ServiceNow CMDB with standard data mappings that can be filtered and extended.  Note: This feature requires an additional BMC Helix Discovery license.  If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your account manager.



Available in the December 2019 TKU


Enhancements to Cloud Data Model

Based on feedback from multiple clients, we have introduced a change in how we model the cloud data.  We are now separating the cloud data by the account that it belongs to.  This will allow for easy clarification on which cloud services belong to which team (cloud account).


If you discover more than one AWS Account, more than one Azure Subscription or more than one GCP Project, all the data from Cloud Region through to individual nodes within services will be clearly separated, where before it was intermingled.


As a result, the keys of all CloudRegion and CloudService nodes, and many contained nodes will change, even if you only discover a single account. If you synchronize to a CMDB, the identities of the corresponding CIs will also change.


More information can be found here.


Enhanced AWS Role-Switching

Based on feedback from clients who are scanning their cloud environments, we are introducing a new method for AWS credential management.  You can now configure an AWS account that is given a list of AWS roles within the AWS console.  Discovery will then have the need to only configure that single AWS credential in the vault and it will be able to discover cloud services for all roles that the AWS account was given access to.  This will streamline the setup of AWS credentials and associated scan ranges within Discovery.


**Note on role-switching

The new configuration to support role switching cannot be added automatically to existing AWS credentials, and consequently, any existing scheduled AWS scans using those will fail.  The workaround is to simply click *Edit* on the scheduled scan and then click *Apply*.  Using the *Edit/Apply* workaround enables you to continue scanning AWS without interruption.


More information can be found here.



New Offering - BMC Discovery for Data Center - Red Hat Edition

Back at the beginning of November, we announced the extension of the Full Support End Date for BMC Discovery v11.1 to September 15, 2020.  In that email, I mentioned the introduction of the future availability of a new edition of Discovery running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.  That edition is now available with the same functionality as BMC Discovery v11.3.  If you are interested in migration and pricing details, please contact your account manager for more details.


We are excited to release these new features and offerings and I welcome your feedback as we continue to introduce new features to both DaaS and on-premise.  Be on the lookout for DaaS features showing up in future on-premise releases.


Greg DeaKyne

Lead Product Manager