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Hello Community!


This past Wednesday, if you are subscribed to TKU release announcements, you would have received an email from me announcing the latest TKU availability.  As a reminder to the timing changes from this summer, the TKU and OSU releases will be made available on EPD on the first Wednesday of the month.  SaaS customers on BMC Helix Discovery will have the latest TKU applied to their Development environment on the first Wednesday of the month and their Production environment on the second Wednesday of the month.


We have a lot of exciting new content to announce and the details can be found on the October 2019 TKU Release page.  Highlights include several new patterns for software products, enhancements to existing software patterns, and general bug fixes.  In this latest release, we also introduced 38 new network devices, details can be found on the TKU October 2019 Network Devices page.  In addition, we have introduced 4 new cloud services across Azure and Google Cloud.  To find out more about the cloud providers and services within those providers that we can discover, visit Supported Cloud Providers.


We look forward to your feedback on the content that we are delivering via the monthly TKU releases.  Drop a comment below or reach out to me directly.


Have a good weekend everyone!


Greg DeaKyne

Product Manager, BMC Discovery