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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to this very active and engaging community.  My name is Greg DeaKyne.  I was born and raised in Indiana and escaped the cold winters for sunny Charleston, South Carolina almost 8 years ago.  When I’m away from the keyboard, I’m staying busy running around town with my two daughters (4 & 6) between ballet practice, gymnastics, guitar practice, soccer practice, and hopefully a few trips to the beach.  Before kids, I used to spend my free time on the golf course, but my game has gotten pretty rusty over the past 6 years. 


I started using BMC software as a customer over 10 years ago but will be frank with you that I haven’t had the opportunity to touch it in a few years. I led the team that rolled out ADDM, CMDB, BladeLogic, and Atrium Orchestrator.  We were utilizing the toolset during a transformation of our IT teams as we integrated many acquisitions, datacenter consolidation, increased security posture, and enabled front line support via tools and automation.


I have spent the majority of the past 15 years leading multiple IT teams delivering many global SaaS offerings across multiple colo, managed service, and public cloud environments.  I was managing teams responsible for all aspects of the datacenter including compute, storage, database, operating system, application, and networking. 


I have seen the power that Discovery can provide any size organization and I look forward to working with you all (y’all for my Charleston neighbors) as we improve this product through one of the most active communities at BMC.


Today is the start of my third week at BMC and so you will start to see me interacting more in the coming weeks as I continue to learn more about what we are currently working on and sharing with you what the future of BMC Helix Discovery will be.