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For several years, Discovery has had an integration with RSA SecureID for 2 factor authentication to the appliance. However, at 11.3 it has been deprecated, and I cannot recommend its use because:


  • It has only ever been tested with Authentication Agent V7.1 for Apache
  • This version is old and no longer supported by the vendor
  • It is not supported on the current appliance OS
  • BMC has no RSA infrastructure to perform regression or other tests.


In the 11.3 docs we instead recommend RSSO. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use RSSO (it was in ASSO but the feature was not carried over to RSSO). I have logged a defect to get the docs updated, but it means anyone currently using the integration will have to think about how they can move off this mechanism.


If you are currently using this integration, or would want to in the future if there was a fully supported implementation, please contact me directly. I want to collate responses and pass to Product Management.