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I saw Tool in 2007 at Brixton Academy; great show. Somewhat less enjoyable (depending on your musical taste, I suppose) is having to install VMware Tools on VMware-deployed appliances. We document the procedure here.


So far, so good. Unfortunately, whenever a new kernel is installed (product version upgrade or OSU) VMware tools needs the modules recompiled for the new kernel. After you have rebooted, you will see a red baseline icon like this:



which you can click through, and observe the warning that it's not running:


However, you are not given any information as to why, and you may miss this completely if you are not in the habit of monitoring and correcting all major baseline events. So for the moment, you will just have to keep in mind that you should re-run the


install script after an OSU upgrade. Note: you can use the "-d" flag to take all the defaults without being prompted.


For reference, we have DRUD1-22356 to try and make the user experience better in this regard.