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I admit it: we don't get many issues around OpenVMS,


Although I can't say I have really used it, I get vaguely nostalgic for the dusty old MicroVax that sat next to me for a while at the University of Nottingham. And even earlier I think I remember seeing Jodrell Bank using them for telescope control. So in contrast to the usual periodic Apple, Microsoft or Linux (and now Intel) security vulnerabilities, this problem caught my eye.


If you work in a large organisation, you might still have a few of these machines refusing to get replaced, and/or have very specialised uses. You might want to check you are comfortable with the risks, and not assume they are completely impenetrable. Find them with something like:


  • search Host where os_type matches regex "OpenVMS"


Note we also End-of-Life data for the OS up to 7.3-2 in EDP module SupportDetail.OS.HP.OpenVMS. I am going to talk to the TKU team about getting this table updated for later versions; it appears that the current version 8.4-2 is supported into 2021.


If you have any experiences with this OS, I would be interested to hear from you.