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For a long time, the TKU Extended Data Pack has been able to mark software end-of-life, such as this for one of my ESX servers:



However it may have gone unnoticed to you (I certainly had missed it, until a customer question prompted me to check) that the EDP now supports some hardware end-of-life data, for example:




2018-Jan EDP has some data for different kinds of hardware:


No doubt, this list will expand over time. If you have an EDP license, you might want to check how the current list covers your estate, and log important missing devices with Support as RFEs. For example, to find Hosts that have no EOL data, try this query:


search Host where not virtual and vendor and model and not nodecount(traverse ElementWithDetail:SupportDetail:HardwareDetail:SupportDetail) show vendor, model processwith countUnique(0, 0)