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As many of you may be aware we released in the November 2017 TKU the ability to discover OpenStack environments using the cloud scan capabilities introduced in BMC Discovery 11.2.


OpenStack provides open source cloud software used to create public or private clouds. OpenStack software enables you to have virtualized computing platforms, as public clouds, private clouds hosted by a cloud provider, or in your own data center. At this initial release, BMC Discovery of OpenStack enables you to discover Compute (nova), Block storage (cinder), Load balancers (neutron and octavia), Orchestration (heat), and Shared file systems (manila) services running in OpenStack. Please visit the OpenStack documentation page for more information.


Discovering OpenStack - BMC Discovery 11.2 - BMC Documentation


We are very excited to be able to offer these types of content updates via TKU and look forward to hearing from you on how these new cloud resources are working in your environment as well as get any feedback on where you think we should go next with cloud discovery!




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