You may have noticed in the 11.1 Enhancements page, a note about vCenter appliances now being discovered as Host node:vc_docs.png

So, if you scan a vCenter you will get something like this:



So, not a vast amount of information, but it's certainly there. Note that, unusually, a Host node is allowed even though network interfaces/MACs are not discovered. But what's going on with the name?


It turns out that up to and including 11.1.05, no attempt is made to extract a hostname via the VMware API. As you can see, a hostname is constructed from the discovered IP address. There is a change (DRUD1-19304) planned for 11.2, whereby the setting "VirtualCenter.InstanceName" is queried over the vCenter API.


You can check your vCenter instance like this:

  • You should see something like:


If you see a hostname here, then 11.2 should be able to capture the hostname. If, like this example, the vCenter API exposes just an IP address, there is nothing Discovery can do about it. There are some unfortunate characteristics of the vCenter installation that this InstanceName has to be chosen at install time, and cannot be changed thereafter. See this VMware KB article.


If you have also seen this in your environment, and it's causing you problems, I invite you to let me know.