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The most useful way to view the TPL documentation is to export a PDF of the document.


1) find the doc:  The Pattern Language TPL - BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation      


2) Make sure you are logged in to the site.


3) Click the "gear", and choose "Export to PDF"  (Select an option such as below to export the current page and its children).



In the 10.0 documention, the PDF's were already exported:  Export PDF Pages - BMC Discovery 10.0 - BMC Documentation


See this for the PDF document from 10.0:  TPL Guide PDF - BMC Discovery 10.0 - BMC Documentation


But, newer versions of the doc do not have the PDF's... you have to export them yourself.


This doc explains how to create your own PDF's :  Exporting to PDF and other formats - Help for BMC Online Technical Documentation