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Dear All,


Thank you to all who have been trying out version 11.1 after the release on the 11th of November.


A post upgrade scenario has since been identified that we want to raise to your immediate attention, as it may impact you and there is a simple workaround.


Problem: If you have a CMDB Sync connection that is in a Disabled state before upgrading (see Figure 1 below), then after upgrading to version you will end up with no sync mappings loaded until the next Discovery Services restart.



Figure 1 - A disabled CMDB Sync connection, denoted by the grey bar.



Until this restart has happened the following symptoms will be seen

  1. Continuous Synchronisation will not happen
  2. A Re-Sync would result in all CIs being marked as deleted in the Discovery dataset
  3. CMDB Sync Filters will not be available
  4. The CMDB Sync Action menu will not be available from root nodes


Workaround: Simply restarting the Appliance Services from the "Administration -> Control" page (or Cluster Services if using a Cluster) will rectify the situation, and avoid the consequences enumerated above.



Figure 2 - Services restart button on the Administration -> Control page. Will say "Restart Cluster Services" on a cluster.



The team will shortly be replacing the binaries on EPD with a patched version ( that prevents this situation, but for now the above workaround should be used.


Thank you for your time.


The BMC Discovery Team