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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

Announcement 1 Pre-Release Community for Next On-Premise Version
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Neel Shaha
   At present, discovery generates software instance for Teradata Database Server but it does not model or discover Database nodes for databases in Teradata DB server & we can't add Teradata…
Mikael Sandstrom
Hi,   BigCorp deliver a cloud native SaaS solution to 200+ customers. The information architecture for the SaaS offering requires some strict data segregation. BigCorp segregate the data and the…
The "Add a new run" feature already excludes duplicate IP addresses when individual IPs are put into the RANGE window.  I would like to have a checkbox added (checked by default) that says "Remove…
Doug Connell
Problem Statement Managing sudo rules for BMC Discovery is difficult.  Administrators are always several months or years behind the requirements.  We recently had a request to discover "Docker" on…
Sudharshan Mohire
We are having a new Discovery implementation which includes below to be discovered 1) 18000 hosts 2) 85000 Networking devices 3) 1200 Storage devices     What is the best approach of scanners to… (Show more)
in Discovery
Jaime Rivadelo
is it as simple as adding a line in the metadata section?
in Discovery
Nick Smith
Introduction Traditionally, we have supported two types of Windows proxies: Credential - Windows credentials are stored in the appliance and passed to the Cred Proxy during scanning as required… (Show more)
in Discovery
Nick Smith
I try not to think too much about getting old. It's a terrible thing, but it is better than the alternative. I can no longer pretend I am not at least seriously middle-aged and although it doesn't… (Show more)
in Discovery
Abhijit Pradhan
Hello All,   We are trying to discovery SNMP network devices in our environment using BMC Discovery 11.2.06. But many of the devices are failing with error message "Skipped (Device is an unsupported… (Show more)
in Discovery
Mary Ngwenya
How can I get a DNA report that does not include things that have already been found by Discovery?   DNA is an in house term we have been using for discovered services that we have not been granted… (Show more)
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