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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

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Savita G
We have around few servers for which ADDM is not able to fetch serial number. All these servers are VM's (Unix RHEL, Solaris ) But these servers has serial number in them . By seeing session logs we… (Show more)
in Discovery
Lucas David Ferreira da Costa
Hello, I am trying to make the discovery of a desktop host, and in the credential test it is giving me back  This is what it returns when I try to make the discovery I tried to make a telnet… (Show more)
in Discovery
Robert Thomas
New feature in Discovery 11.3 How to create a custom report using the attribute "End-of-Life" reporting?Knowledge Admin !
in Discovery
Jorge Fernandez Gonzalez
Hello all,   I open this query to ask if it is possible to add custom columns in custom reports to, for example, add a column with "yes/no" if it complies a condition in other columns. If possible,… (Show more)
in Discovery
Imran Khan
Hi Team , can anybody provide -  list for Type of Devices getting scanned by BMC Discovery ?
in Discovery
Ryan Nicosia
We've got Cyberark integration enabled and running.  However, there are a number of hosts that contain multiple credentials in a single safe. For example:     Host A has 4 different accounts in… (Show more)
in Discovery
Jan Israelsson
We are using the CSV-API for both automation and regular reporting use-cases and we frequently end up with some very long query-URL's which are not so easy to maintain and/or sharing with different…
Mark Lemar
We currently discover our ESX(i) hosts across our estate, using vCenter/vSphere credentials which are actually AD accounts with permissions on the respective VCs/servers.   Am I right in thinking… (Show more)
in Discovery
Jagan Deep Singh Walia
I am trying to create a pattern which can pull hexa-decimal value from registry key and convert into decimal value. There is one customized pattern which performs above operation using WMI access… (Show more)
in Discovery
Andrea Somma
It would be very useful for us (since is a customer request) is the ADDM/BMC Discovery would be capable of discovering the Unix volumes information like volume groups and logical volumes. I think it…
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