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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

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Recent Activity

Hitesh Jha
Hello Experts, Is it possible to discover static information using Discovery. In other words we need to identify VMs that are not using our standard images.In each instance we have deployed from a… (Show more)
in Discovery
mike spaller
Has anyone successfully discovered an EMC ECS system? I am being tasked with discovering it but am not finding any documentation on what credentials should be used.
in Discovery
Alena Stejnarova
Hello, we were asked to provide ADDM query, which result should be list of all Provider:StorageVolume.keys and their related Consumer:StorageVolume.keys and additional column for last_seen e.g… (Show more)
in Discovery
Alena Stejnarova
I have a problem with tracking closed DRUDs. The only info I can see about them is the status, so I know, if they were closed or not, but how can I find out, if they were released and if they were… (Show more)
in Discovery
Siddu angadi
Hi,   There should be line by line debugging feature for pattern. This will be more helpfull to validate and test the functionality of our custom application.   Thanks Siddu
Nirmal Sharma
Hi Experts, Discovery version 11.3 CMDB version 9.1.03   I have noticed sudden increase in sync errors. Below is the transcript of the errors picked using `cat  tw_cmdbsync_exporter.log| grep… (Show more)
in Discovery
Jason Cheung
Hello All!   We're currently leveraging cisco nexus VDCs and we create multiple partitions from a single physical nexus switch. It is currently causing a problem because our CMDB folks believe that… (Show more)
in Discovery
Hi Team,   We are not able to use Visualize Model in BMC Discovery We are getting error as shown in screenshot:-     Current IE version
in Discovery
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