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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

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Thierry Robelin
In the previous version installed, 10.2, when I ran a scan that used customized tpl, I could see details of the scan including those inserted with that tpl, like this:     I can't find the… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Knowledge Admin
This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified. PRODUCT: BMC Discovery COMPONENT: BMC Atrium…
in Discovery / ADDM
Andrew Palmesano
Is it possible to use BMC Discovery 11.2 to view the power state of an individual blade within a chassis? I would like to be able to see if a blade is powered on or off
in Discovery / ADDM
Christian Weber
Until now there is no integrity check for the ADDMRemQuery executable. If the proxy gets compromised attackers could insert malicious software under the name of ‘ADDMRemQuery’ which would get…
Roger Bayne
We finally have been able to get our additional systems up in order to cluster them. We have setup systems in order to have a 3 system cluster which we now have this in Dev.   The main purpose of us… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Jonathan Rademacher
Hi guys,   one of our Linux-Admins asked me about a Report of all iLO-Management Boards that we got in our discovery. While creating the Report i realized that we only discover iLO 2/4/5 - iLO v3 is… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Roland Pocek
i have a usecase where the customer only has public and appmodel permission Group assigned to his user but he would Need to have the Chance of gathering all possible data using the appliance support…
Shubham Mittal
Hi,   We are trying to add Azure credentials with correct Directory ID, Application ID, and Application security Key in ADDM for cloud discovery but credential testing is getting failed as per below… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Jacek Szlaczka
Hey!   I have just tried to upgrade our Sandbox environment from 11.1 to 11.3 and it failed:   2018-06-15 18:09:25: INFO: Removing nss-softokn-freebl-3.14.3-23.3.el6_8.i686 from the list of… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
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