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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

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Juan Carlos Figueroa
Enhancement Request:  Allow for multiple LDAP configurations. Example allow ADDM LDAP configuration so that users from multiple domains are able to access the appliance.
Jon Trotter
I have some general questions about how relationships between a storage device and the hosts that are consuming the storage. Specifically, we are working to understand why our Linux OS hosts do not… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Matt Lambie
Anyone else seen Host nodes from different vcenter clusters being merged in to a single Cluster Node for vCenter?   Looks like the key could do with updating to include name AND cluster_id  … (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Inger Brennodden
Hi all!   I'm just getting started with discovering of MS SQL databases. I have uploaded database driver and have added the credentials. However, when I test it failes.   ADDM gives this error… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Andrew Mark Shaw
Quick question on SAAM.. Where an application consists of multiple instances, is there SAAM way to model them into a single overarching application, or should they be modelled as three separate… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
john rickert
A user has set up SNMPv3 using protocols HMACSHA, and CBCDES, will these work if I set up the credential to use SHA and DES?
in Discovery / ADDM
Benjamin ATTAL
Hi communities,   The question is in the title, I would like to know if the polling of vCenters is done by Scanner appliance or consolidation? In order to prepare some rules on firewall  … (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Mark Lemar
A couple of questions relating to the use of clustering, specifically in v11.1   Would a host successfully scanned by a cluster member, always be scanned by the same cluster member i.e. retain it's… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
Siddu angadi
Hi,   There should be line by line debugging feature for pattern. This will be more helpfull to validate and test the functionality of our custom application.   Thanks Siddu
Marcel Drechsler
One of my customer is facing a problem regarding the OS SupportDetail nodes. There is a strange behaviour because if they do a single scan of a host, the appropiate OS SupportDetail nodes are being… (Show more)
in Discovery / ADDM
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