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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

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Varun Kaulapure
Hello Experts,   Discovery supports implicit scan of ESX/ESXi servers from vCenter/vSphere.   Can this functionality be extended further a. To scan VMs inside VM instances -->> Here, we can…
Gene Slaughter
Has anyone considered or currently doing collection of LastUse for Visio and Project?    my first attempt at building initial collection involves something like this, just need filters for Visio… (Show more)
in Discovery
Brad Windholz
It would be beneficial if Discovery is able to discover and report on the license details for systems that have had extended security/support upgrades (ESU) purchased and those new license keys…
Gene Slaughter
I am using (RHEL6) and am trying to filter out just the IP/NIC Name & Desc/MAC from connected client.  Primary looking to filter out Wi-Fi/Wireless data. Below are two attempts but, no… (Show more)
in Discovery
Yogeesh Kompa
Dear All,   Currently Discovery do not show complete SAN topology. i.e. The relationship between the SAN switch discovered and hosts which are linked to it.     Currently discovery is  only…
Doug Connell
Idea - ADDM should NOT create duplicate hosts for Servers and Workstations that have been upgraded.  See Implementation details below.   Background - Many Companies are implementing a Private…
Petrus Johansson
First of all, the ADDM Proxy Manager is a great step in the right direction.   Now, I would like to install this Proxy Manager on my laptop or some other more central location, to manage all ADDM…
baban shrestha
Hello All,   our team has been working on the theory to get started on capturing  offline Middleware/DB/Software instances (no running process). We would like to know if this idea has been presented…
Danny Fleer
The restricted paths feature is very helpful. However, the list of restricted paths quickly becomes confusing with more and more entries (Especially if a customer uses the feature as a whitelist with…
Sreejith Sasidharan
Hi Team,   It would be a nice little feature if we are presented with an option to select all the items within a page & not the entire result itself.   As of now with the latest version of…
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