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All you wanted to know about discovering details of your IT, and making best use of it.

Announcement 1 What is Autonomous Digital Enterprise? BMC CTO Ram Chakravarti Explains
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Bernard Stern
Since a couple of weeks we have this kind of errors on the consolidator   140556830754560: 2020-07-03 14:53:37,564: INFO: CMDB Main: Failed to contact server. 13 attempts so far.… (Show more)
in Discovery
David Farthing
We would like to move towards using kerberos based ad authentication for discovery moving forward and standard ssh and tectia may no longer be possible for us.   BMC support informed us that there…
Ankush Deshmukh
Hi Experts,   Is there way to automate application map through TPL scripting instead of manual intervention.   Requirement: Customer's application deployment team will set an APP ID in to registry… (Show more)
in Discovery
Jamila Khan
Hi,   Please provide me with some major differences between on Premise discovery discovering devices by adding credentials on to the appliances and discovery multi cloud. Are there any… (Show more)
in Discovery
Hello,   I want to retrieve information from a Device with all of the interfaces and for each interface, the list of its associated IPs. Is this possible via a request ?   Sincerely
in Discovery
Christiane Menezes
Is Discovery 12 (20.02) centOS 7 compatible with Discovery 11.3 CENTOS 6 ? I mean , can I integrating scan appliance 11.3.0 CentOS 6 with consolidator Discovery 12 (20.02) CentOS 7 ?   Is Discovery… (Show more)
in Discovery
Roland Pocek
hi Andrew Waters Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux   i have a pattern that uses the time.parseLocal function like that   last_login_time := result_attributes[6]; converted := regex.extract(last_login_time,… (Show more)
in Discovery
Pritam Shelke
It may be useful if we are able to configure the UI Session timeout in addm to suit our organizational security policies and/or working practices, the same way that we can easily define other…
Sreejith Sasidharan
Request for Enhancement (RFE)No control is never good - the application should respond to the user's browser setting and adapt the display to the wanted mode for an optimal user experience.  …
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