• DWP 19.08 failed to realize ITSM integration patch 19.08 installed in 9.1.03 server

    HI,   Have compatibiility matrix of 19.08 dwp and it is fully compatible with service desk version 19.08. So, have installed the ITSM integration patch in ARS admin server. integreation installaer went fine and...
    Govind M
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  • Issue with add_subtenant

    Does anyone one know where information about sub-tenants is held with Remedy/My IT   When we are onboarding/branding new companies to use My IT (version 18.02), we run the script add_subtenant (after entering in...
    Heather Talbot
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  • Bulk update user settings DWP

    Hi all,   Is there a way to bulk update user settigns in DWP like e-posta  
    ilhan KURT
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  • MyIT Catalog "Browse categories" menu question

    On the MyIT Catalog page is a dropdown menu in the top-left called "Browse categories".   Under this menu I see "Business Requests". This expands and shows my SRD navcats, which is fine.   Can I add any ot...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Comment section not visible for Approving Change Requests in MYIT.

    Hello All, Why are we not seeing Comment section for adding our comments for  Change requests  in approving or Rejecting.As the same can be seen for Requests from MYIT.     Below is for Change ...
    Chandra Sekhar Tummala
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  • myIT SRD query menus are not working

    Hi, I'm facing issue with myIT dynamic dropdowns. The dynamic dropdown in myIT is not showing any values. The errors in the attached file appear in the ux log. myIT version - 3.3.00 Raz Angert     ...
    nimrod zilberstein
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  • Hot fix for BMC Digital Workplace comment notifications

    BMC Software has identified an issue with comment notifications for service requests. Sometimes comment notifications are sent to end users who did not raise the request in BMC Digital Workplace. BMC Digital Workplac...
    John Weigand
    created by John Weigand
  • Smart-IT Android App Crashes on Console

    We just installed Smart-IT for Remedy on our test system and it seems to be working just fine. Our iPhone mobile apps tests look great but the Android mobile app crashes 100% when you select the "Console". I'm able to...
    Jay Collett
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  • Create new Available Resources Data in Reservation menu DWP Advanced

    hi All,   How to add a new available resource records in the DWP Advanced like the attachments?   I already tried to add a new asset type, then add the asset into the floor map but the new record which i c...
    Ricky R
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  • SRM Request vs. DWP Catalog Request

    Hi, we have multiple input channels for users to create tickets. The users can write an email, can call our service desk and also can use Digital Workplace. I have configured that each ticket which will be created d...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Marker on new comment from DWP

    Hi All, this is my first question here. I browsed all the threads and could not find anything on this topic so I decided to ask.   Is there any way to mark somehow new comment from DWP user? I am referring to s...
    Elzbieta Lewandowska
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  • Add new Search bar in DWP 18.08

    Dears,   Can I add a new search bar in DWP 18.08 on the Home page so that the search is only in knowledge base articles ?    
    Mohammad Khdour
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  • Integrate Digital Workplace Advanced with SOAP API

    Hi everybody, is there a way to integrate  Digital Workplace Advanced 18.08 with SOAP API? Or else can we design a SOAP custom connection inside the Digital Workplace Advanced/Basic? Thank you very much in adva...
  • Where can I manage/administrate a users cart items?

    We have a user with a cart showing two items, but when he opens the cart window, only one icon is displayed and it looks like the page is half loaded...  Where are cart items stored and how can I admin them?
    Roland Geilen
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  • approval name

    Hello, How to hide approval name from dwp ? i have tried to remove check on approval in show/ hide field , but approvers name still appear
    mohammed ghandi
    created by mohammed ghandi
  • New Incident Request Issue

    when we request a new incident service from dwp it's opened a a new incident in the back-end with full details , but if we request the same service by clicking request again button it's opened a new incident without a...
    mohammed ghandi
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  • how to troubleshoot failed services is there a way to view the process?

    there a way to view a failed service process?
    Kevin Eleby
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  • SmartIT session expires

    Hi Team, We have a issue where in the user session expires several times in SmartIT. We have set the session timeout to 1 hr but within 20 mins the user gets logged out 2 to 3 times. Kindly let me know how to fix thi...
    V Y
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  • ServerBroker Custom Approval : Support Group

    Hi Team,   As I understand, a key for any IT organization for IT service request is approval, considering there is a certain cost associated with the product.   As far as, i have seen in the documentation, S...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Launch MyIT/DWP without installing the mobile app

    Hi Experts, Is there any way we can launch MyIT/DWP without installing the app either in Android/IOS? What I meant is something like an enterprise App to open my DWP page, if so could you kindly highlight that App's...
    Jijil Gopalan
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