• ITSM Self/Auto Approval called from DWP Catalog Workflow

    Hello everyone,   I'm kindly asking for help regarding ITSM Auto-Approval and Self-Approval (called from DWP Catalog Workflow). I did some testing and unfortunately I'm not able to make an easy Approval Process ...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Copying users from Remedy ITSM into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

    Dears,   We scheduled  below script to copy users from Remedy ITSM into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. The users count is very high and it is taking around 9 hrs to complete .   I just need to run scr...
    p karuna
    created by p karuna
  • hannah_admin didn't have write permissions and can't login to MidTier config tool

    Hello Experts,   I installed 20.02 DWP catalog, and login to http://digitalworkplace-catalog.example.com:8008/myitsbe  with hannah_admin successfully, then I try to create user accounts in a batch by using ...
    yazeed QUDAH
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  • Digital Workplace Activity custom fields?

    Hi In Digital Workplace is it possible to add additional fields into the "My Activity" area for a service request? I cannot really find any adjustment configuration parameter so just wanted to check if i miss anythi...
    Tord Nilsson
    created by Tord Nilsson
  • 'Get Entry By Query' usage question

    Hello there,   I am trying to grab the Entry ID (Request ID) of a record in the SB:ServiceRequestStub form using the 'Get Entry By Query' Remedy connector widget.   Here is the config info:   Connect...
    Ezra Wise
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  • DWP: How to set the default value for a DateTime-variable the current timestamp?

    In Digital Workplace, Question Designer: How to set the default value for a DateTime-variable the current timestamp (the Request timestamp) or the Submitted Date?
    Ciprian Roman
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  • 1440853: No work order manager group could be found

    Hi!   Having lots of this errors for my SR. Would it be something that is wrong with the AOT?   Looking at the CAI: Events     SRM: Request
    Brandon Lee
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  • Error not able to sync users from ITSM to DWP Catalog-  UserSyncLockManager

    Dears,   We ran import command to sync the users from ITSM to DWP Catalog 1 day ago but not sync all users. So we tried to run again but it is showing still process is running like below   Skipping User...
    Mohammad Khdour
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  • DWPC: Tenant data population in progress:  "activationStatus":"Failed"

    Hello Experts,   I am trying to install DWP Catalog. I was able to successfully create the schema and restart DWPC. Then I have reached the step where I need to initially load a Tenant.   After running ./pos...
    Jan Zacharjasiewicz
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  • How to disable password field decryption in automatic generated password fields of custom connector

    Hey Community ,   I am facing a new issue. In my automatic generated questionnaire of my connector I want to use a password field. Sadly the documentation (Implementing Questionnaire Import And Workflow Generati...
  • DWP Catalog how to sent Connection to Call Activity

    Hello everyone,   I want to sent the Connection value (Connector) to my Call Activity. My call activity is a sub-procedure which updates or searches forms data (Remedy) and I want to be able to export and import...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Contact field doesn't pass to SmartIT

    Use Case We have some locations/departments where the admin opens incidents for others in their office.  Therefore, they are using the OBO functionality.   Our Tier 1 teams needs to be able to see who ...
    Diane Price
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  • Day2Operations in DWP

    Hello BMC-Community ,   I am currently trying to create a custom connector with the service provider interface. So far I reached a lot, the services are imported, questionnaires are generated dynamically and the...
    Stephan Gasterstaedt
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  • Substring Action in DWPA Catalog

    Can anyone provide an example of use with the "substring" action (or any of the String manupulation actions) in DWPA?  The documentation is very vague and only gives an example of use with the Json Parser.  ...
    Judy Andrews
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  • Service Availability in Service Health, configure Groups

    Hi, does anybody know how to see a custom group in the tab group in Service Availability (Digital Work Place administration)?? I've already create the group in the form 'Group' in Remedy
    Gloria Garcia Agullo
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  • Calendar availability or slot for room in BMC DWPA data source

    hi all,   how we find the "dataSourceName":"calendar_availability","numMatch":36}] or data sourceName : "Calendar_Slot", when i make reservation i cannot find the room which should be available because i cancel ...
    Ricky R
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  • Change URL on the "Share link" action on DWP

    Hi all   We are on ROD 20.02 and the ux part of the link has changed to DWP I need to change the link in the "Share link" action but am unawares how to bring it through? Its located in the top right corner ...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • Administrator shall be able to configure defual shraring groups for collaboration and make them active for all users for a specific company

    In DWP the collaboration functionallity lack a function for an administrator to globally configure sharing groups and enable them for users.   The use case is that for an organisation a few persons need to see a...
    Tord Nilsson
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    Hello evervody,   In the chatbot's conversation I can't see the id's when the ticket was created, but the ticket is in Digital Workplace, this don't happend with all users, someone knows how I can see the ticket...
    Oscar Guzmán
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  • Self Service - Smart IT

    I am new to Smart IT Remedy, when non support staff try to access the self service portal they get the error, username or Password incorrect. is there a permission group that needs to be added to their profile via Mi...
    Prathmesh Patel
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