• DWP 19.08 failed to realize ITSM integration patch 19.08 installed in 9.1.03 server

    HI,   Have compatibiility matrix of 19.08 dwp and it is fully compatible with service desk version 19.08. So, have installed the ITSM integration patch in ARS admin server. integreation installaer went fine and...
    Govind M
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  • Marker on new comment from DWP

    Hi All, this is my first question here. I browsed all the threads and could not find anything on this topic so I decided to ask.   Is there any way to mark somehow new comment from DWP user? I am referring to s...
    Elzbieta Lewandowska
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  • New Incident Request Issue

    when we request a new incident service from dwp it's opened a a new incident in the back-end with full details , but if we request the same service by clicking request again button it's opened a new incident without a...
    mohammed ghandi
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  • how to troubleshoot failed services is there a way to view the process?

    there a way to view a failed service process?
    Kevin Eleby
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  • SmartIT session expires

    Hi Team, We have a issue where in the user session expires several times in SmartIT. We have set the session timeout to 1 hr but within 20 mins the user gets logged out 2 to 3 times. Kindly let me know how to fix thi...
    V Y
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  • ServerBroker Custom Approval : Support Group

    Hi Team,   As I understand, a key for any IT organization for IT service request is approval, considering there is a certain cost associated with the product.   As far as, i have seen in the documentation, S...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • Launch MyIT/DWP without installing the mobile app

    Hi Experts, Is there any way we can launch MyIT/DWP without installing the app either in Android/IOS? What I meant is something like an enterprise App to open my DWP page, if so could you kindly highlight that App's...
    Jijil Gopalan
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  • Authorize user login without tenant

    Hello, I would like to know how to configure DWP 18.08 to authorize the log in of users without e-mail (without entering the tenant information). Thank you very much in advance. Regards.
  • Service Broker : Input Variable : Attachment

    Hi Team,   Usecase : End user adds attachment in the service created from Service Broker, and attachment passed to the Work Order module such that support agent can refer it while working on the work order. &#...
    Sanket Mhatre
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  • News Feed notifications are not working for DWP Catalog requests

    I have turned on the news feed notifications in DWP user profile but no emails are showing up for Requests that are built in Catalog  for their status updates.   Does news feed email notifications work for ...
    Venkata Pendyala
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  • Tenant vs. Subtenant

    Hello together,   we want to implement multi-tenancy in DWP.   As I reviewed the documentation, there comes up a question to the tenant.   We have around 100 companys which represent the business uni...
    Philipp Huonker
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  • How can I show the link to the detailed privacy policy without activating the privacy policy??

    Hi ALL, as a large public company, we need to educate our users about data protection. The link in the following screenshot is sufficient for this. The additional popup privacy policy is unnecessary and in our case u...
    Stefan Hall
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  • how to migrate CHG:InfrastructureChange Customization into Smart it.

    Hi All,   Scenario: 1- When a categorization of (Tier 1: Request Tier 2:Hardware ) is selected, a question appears (Selection Field) to the user: 2. If the user selects No, a justification box appears, when t...
    Deepak Mishra
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  • How to chain many ''Build Input Set'' elements in bmc DWP?

    I want to connect 3 Build Input Set with Create Remedy Work Order, and I have 18 input Variables (Variable Type is Text), However, a single Build Input Set activity provides fields to create only 10 key=value pairs...
    Zi Sang
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  • DWP Catalog Targeted Receive Task

    Hello everyone,   My examples are without details. I'm asking just about the principle of Receive Task.   1) We know that Receive Task is observing status of ticket which was created in previous step. e.g....
    Marek Ceizel
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  • how can i change password in DWP

    can i add " change password " in digital workplace for users that use local authentication?  what is the solution or at least the workaround for this case ?
    mohammed ghandi
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  • Service Broker - Expression for Condition to drive work order for Checkbox answers

    Have a Questionnaire with checkboxes where user can check multiple boxes.  Based on what is checked I want to drive Work Order to specific support team. Example is Box A and Box B go to Support Team 1.  Box...
    Steve Betker
    created by Steve Betker
  • How do I automatically set a Work Order and the associated REQ to Completed from SRD.

    We are wanting to have both the REQ and the Work Order that are created from an SRD to be set as "Completed" as soon as the REQ is approved.   I am able to pass through the Status "completed" on the WOI:WorkOrd...
    Luke Probst
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  • RE: RCE security vulnerability CVE-2019-16755 (CVSS v3 score 10.0) in BMC Digital Workplace and Remedy with Smart IT.

    Hi Team,   Please address this issue with Priority as HIGH and assigned to any of the support teams available right now.   We are with BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,DWP along RSSO. We are to apply the hotfix as par...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • Error while Approving  DWP 1908

    When the user (approver) logs into DWP > My Activity Requests which are waiting for user's approval are displayed. When you click on the item or on approver button you get an error "There was a server error. plea...
    Guruprasad Balachandra
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