• Digital Workplace Enhanced Service Progress bar not translated

    Hi,   We are using DWP (20.02) with DWP-C for the enhanced catalog. Once you request a service, you can go to "My Activity" tab and form there enter into the details of the request, write comments, cancel it, et...
    David Vacas
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  • Is it possible to inject text string into search url?

    Can I in anyway add a fixed text string along with my DWP global search url so that user using that link get the text string allready prefilled?   https://dwp.se/dwp/app/#/catalog/search/???   For an examp...
    Jonas Henning
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  • Add Language selector in top of the Chatbot

    Dears,   I have2 skins for the chatbot, the first one is the default English language and the other is the Arabic language and both are working fine based on the browser language.   now I need to make the ...
    Omar Abushanab
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  • Bundled services and SLA's

    In Digital Workplace Catalog, when creating a bundle, is there a way to create it so the fulfillment team knows that it's part of a bundle?   if 6 of 8 services go to the same support group, is there a way t...
    Diane Price
    created by Diane Price
  • DWP links using the "Share" feature don't work for some users

    Good morning,   We have some knowledge articles on DWP that users have added hyperlinks into by copying the URL generated by the "Share" button for other articles and SRD's.   For some users, these links d...
    Paul Bastin
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  • Can client side logs capture events on DWP portal?

    Hi everyone,   We are on BMC Helix 20.02.   We have a system in place wherein submitting requests from the DWP portal creates cases in HR Case Management.   Issue is - we are getting a field incorrec...
    Edison Pioneer
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  • DWPC: Tenant data population in progress:  "activationStatus":"Failed"

    Hello Experts,   I am trying to install DWP Catalog. I was able to successfully create the schema and restart DWPC. Then I have reached the step where I need to initially load a Tenant.   After running ./pos...
    Jan Zacharjasiewicz
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  • DWPC Error Admin operations are disabled 1

    Hi Team,   Need your suggestion.   This is fresh installation of DWPC, and when we try to run the DWPC i get following message   Starting the DWPSystem, please wait...1 0sec Server start in progress....
    Alok Dewhare
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  • Digital Workplace Service Request ID max length

    Hi,   Just a quick question I has not been able to find out trough the documentation: What's the maximun length of the Request ID field (numeric) in the generated services?. It starts from "10000", but I assume ...
    David Vacas
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  • RE:Issue accessing the DWP 1805 Application and Admin Console

    Hi Team,   We have upgraded our environments ( DEV,TST and Prod) to RSSO and DWP 1805 successfully.   To move ahead with ARS Upgrade we have Refreshed DEV DB with Current Prod which is with same versions. ...
    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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  • DWP 20.02 (DEV enviroment on cloud) - Unable retrive Advanced Interface Service request

    Hi all, sorry but I'm new with Digital Workplace. After login with an end user login_id, I've tried to select an advanced SR from catalog but i receive the error in the first attach. (unable to connet to Cloud dev e...
    Angelantonio alfonso
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  • How to escape question marks (") in DWP Advanced

    I am trying to design a RegEx and I need to remove quotations ("), but I am not able find anything on how to do this.   For example, I get an output of "Yes", and I need those (") removed, but when putting in my...
    Shane Grayson
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  • Is it possible to customize the subject of DWP email notifications?

    When a user submits a request in DWP, they receive a confirmation email with subject : "Service name ordered on submit date".   If they have submitted multiple requests using the same DWPA catalog, it would be d...
  • Using Digital Workplace from a different perspective

    Since Corona, everything is different even at Hermes in the canteen. Normally there are two restaurants at our head office where all Hermes employees go out for lunch every day. Due to Corona, one of the restaurants ...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Setting up New instalaltion of Digital Workplace Basic with Load balancer

    Hi,   I have completed a fresh installation of Remedy AR system 20.02 with Smart IT 20.02 and Digital Workplace Basic 20.02 (DWP). However i cannot find any clear documentation on how to configure load balancer...
    Heine Ness
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  • How can I configure a DWP email for a worklog update

    Hi Hugh Fairfield , John Gallagher, I need some help from the experts. I have the following use case. I have created an Incident or a work order with a DWP Catalog Service. The support agent needs further informat...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • DWPCatalog after Upgrade ERROR (317): Duplicate record definition name.; myit-sb:AssetServiceMapping

    Hi BMC Community,   after upgrading DWPCatalog successfully to version 18.08 I get following error message after logging in. Oops, something went wrong... Digital Workplace is currently unavailable due to pendin...
    Maximilian Bugl
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  • Surveys in Smart IT/DWP

    Hi, We have created requested within DWPC which trigger the job to be logged within Smart IT. When creating the surveys in DWPC they do not seem to trigger when the job is being resolved in Smart IT. Is there somet...
    Mathew Burns
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  • SR Showing Error While Opening in DWP Basic

    Hi There, I am working with DWP basic 18.05 build number 62. There is a strange issue I am getting while trying to click on an Available Cataloge (SRD). THis SR was working properly however, once I set this SRD to of...
    last modified by PAWAN KAUSHIK
  • Issue while changing DB Names of DWP Catalog.

    Hi All,   We are changing the DB Names of DWP Catalog. As part of this, we updated the ar.conf and sb/tenantdata.txt. We tried to restart but servers are not coming up.   We noticed "MSG: Messaging port...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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