• What is use of Floating and Restricted Read License?

    Hi Team,   I went through BMC Docs but not find the use of Floating and Restricted Read Licenses in the Digital Workplace.   Can anyone please explain the use of each license in Digital Workplace?  ...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Customization of short description on Knowledge articles

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    24 votes
    I like to have ability to change the composition of the short description string on Knowledge articles. The short description shows up on knowledge articles in search page and in the similar articles column in the art...
    Jonas Henning
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  • Top Viewed Digital Workplace Knowledge Articles

    Article # Title 000130901 Changing AR Server Reference in SmartIT / MyIT Application 000135001 DWP - Catalog search is not working for SRDs, Services, Tags 000114514 How to delete user profile from Mongo...
    Jeff Hudson
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  • Smart IT - Time field display in 24hour format

    Currently we have our Date/Times displayed in 24hr format both in the Ticket Console and Incident, however I was wondering if anyone was aware of a mechanism to change the Time selection from 12hr format to 24hr withi...
  • DWP Catalog Survey: Quick Submit

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    4 votes
    Hello all … this inquiry is about the DWP Catalog Survey feature.   Use case: for some Services (Requests) surveys with only 1 field (the smiley rating) is attached   Issue with handling: you are ...
    Robert Kern
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  • DWP Catalog - Populate Questions and Answers (only answered)

    Hello,   This requirement exist for long time. We want to get a formatted list of our answered Question so we can put it e.g. to Ticket Description The solution is actually quite easy as we get the Answered Qu...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Appointment Calendar Feature

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    34 votes
    Problem: Currently the appointment times are entered in the 'notes / description' field of the Incident (INC) when an appointment is made in DWPA.  The 'submit date' of the ticket creation can be utilized to vie...
    Timothy Hinson
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  • Issue with Replace All in Service Broker

    Hi All,   We have a string contains "Test":Test" multiple times and we are trying to replace "Test"" with "ABC" in whole string. But We are not able to do it.   We tried Regex "Test\"" , "[Test"]" etc all ...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Weird Behavior of Call Request Approval - Approvals

    Hi Team,   We are using set service request status to set status of Service which has been approved / Rejected by approver. We are referring "Using Set Service Request Status in a workflow - Documentation for BM...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Status Changes taking time

    Hi All,   we are using Create Incident with Identifiers to create Incident which allows us to use Out of the box Status Sync. whenever any Status Change or any incident resolves respective Service Request Status...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Function hide/visible password on login page for DWP

    Not Planned
    10 votes
    Good afternoon, I have a suggestion: when entering MyIT at the password stage add an “eye” for the visibility of the entered password. This will help solve many problems during the password entry phase. &#...
    Denis Volkov
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  • Displaying current date or any calculated date on Questionnaire page of MyIT Service

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    53 votes
    Services created through MyIT Service Broker should display the current date on Questionnaire page. There should also be an option to do some calculation to change the date to be displayed. Below are the benefits that...
    Jayadev Pandey
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  • Is there any way to Branding Collaborator?

    Hi All,   We are using the collaborator feature but whenever we collaborate any service request with someone else, it shows "shared by <User Name>" in the collaborator's console in default color.   i...
  • RSSO Integration with DWP, DWP Catalog and ARS

    Hi All,   We are not able to use Single RSSO for all DWP, DWP Catalog, and ARS. Since DWP and DWP Catalog Requires tenant Name whereas ARS don't requires tenant name.   Please suggest, if anyone came acro...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • DWP Catalog Workflow - Map every fields in Create Incident (Change)

    Hello everyone,   Another long time requested feature for DWP Catalog workflow to be able to map ANY field of the HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form in Create Incident element. This solution is for Incidents but ...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Banners are not Visible on DWP 20.02

    Hi All,   We created, published and Entitled Banners. But we are not able to see them on the DWP Page. Please suggest, if anyone have any idea about this issue?   Regards, RG.
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Create Approval workflow using Email

    Hi All,   We tried to implement the Approval Process by using out of the box workflow and Call Activity. This Service is sending Alerts to Manager who need to approve.   Is there any way to implement the ...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Mapping Questions and Answers to a single field in DWP Catalog

    Hello everyone,   We have developed a Service request in DWP catalog and the service request will create a work order fulfillment ticket. We have the requirement to map all the Question and answers (only the one...
    Arun Ajaykumar
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  • Issue with "Receive Task" in Service Broker

    Hi,   I am using the Receive Task palette item in the Service Broker workflow to receive an event from remedy.   From the Work Order form, i am pushing data to the  "SB:ServiceRequestStub" form.  ...
    Karthick Krishnan
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  • Change default view on Active Requests in My Activity page

    I like to change users default view on their Active requests from card view to list view i DWP. Is there any way to do this?   Card view is only showing three items at time with a carousel, It's better the view ...
    Jonas Henning
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