• Instant data update in certain input fields such as quantity

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    10 votes
    When you change quantity (QTY:) to 11+ on products an input text area appears, if you entering a number and directly clicks 'Add to Cart' or 'Request now' the number you entered doesn't get loaded. You have to press e...
    Jonas Henning
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  • Issue with Replace All in Service Broker

    Hi All,   We have a string contains "Test":Test" multiple times and we are trying to replace "Test"" with "ABC" in whole string. But We are not able to do it.   We tried Regex "Test\"" , "[Test"]" etc all ...
    Raghuram Guggilam
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  • Ability to "Copy" Service in DWPA

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    21 votes
    It is very simple but 'must have' feature. As of now, We can create, export, rename, import and delete services in Digital Workplace catalog->Services section.     Many times customers/DWPA develope...
    Ganesh Gore
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  • Feedback from end users on search results

    7 votes
    End users can give feedback on knowledge articles which give us ability to improve our articles. Why not give users ability to also give feedback on a global search too? It could be an input to make us optimize our se...
    Jonas Henning
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  • Multi question surveys in DWP

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    34 votes
    Currently you can only have one question surveys is DWP/MyIT , but that doesn't fulfill the feedback requirements for us. And i guess it might be the case for most DWP users.
    Parag Ghanekar
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  • DWP Advanced Survey Results - Reporting them in Smart Reporting

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    31 votes
    Tool: DWP Advanced (Service Broker)   Feature: Reporting on Survey Answers and Ratings   Issue: Currently you can only report on given ratings via DWP Catalog itself. As for answers given to survey que...
    Robert Kern
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  • Digital Workplace Catalog - Add 'Questionnaire Set' Admin Area + Allow Rename

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    34 votes
    Within Digital Workplace Catalog, there are admin options for easy management of Services and Workflows but the same isn't available for Questionnaire Sets, consequently it is not possible to easily copy, rename or de...
    Ash Hall
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  • When I export the MyIT Active User report gives only 2000 records even if Active Users count is more than 2000he

    When I try to export the Active Users report from MyIT Admin console, I get the CSV with only 2000 records. Wherein the Active Users count for the date range filtered is more than 2000.   Please let us know if t...
    Ganesh Prakaash
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  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.x Fundamentals Administering: Seats Available

    Week Starting April 01 2020  We have few more seats available in the following Instructor-Led Online class in:   BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.x Fundamentals Administering     About the Course: ...
    Nabonita Roy Kambli
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  • Using the Digital Workplace Catalog API

    There are times when you need to be able to access DWP-C functionality through an API. This might be in order to offer a Business to Business (B2B) interface to external systems, to help automate deployments through a...
    Paul Seager-Smith
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  • Hide phone number while searching on behalf user in DWP

    Hello,      i have been asked by our customer to hide phone number while searching for on behalf user as below screenshot:   they are using DWP 18.05 .        any...
    Mohamed Atta
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  • SmartIT: RKM: Screen configuration for RKM on SmartIT

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    34 votes
    We cannot add any custom field added on RKM forms on the smart IT screen,   It will be a nice feature to have if the customers can add custom fields added on RKM templates to the smart it screen.   There i...
    Parsurama Reddy D
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  • DWP Rest Connector with NTML Authentication??

    Team,   I am trying to call third party web service in DWP catalog using 'Send Http Request' REST Connector but facing some issue. This API requires NTLM authentication due to security reasons so basic authentic...
    Ganesh Gore
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  • BMC MYIT question

    Hi all,   We have a few MYIT Servers in our live environment, i.e. Server A, Server B and Server C .  Server A and Server B are constantly being used by users to log tickets in Remedy however, we don't know...
    Tshepoeng Mogwera
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  • Top Viewed Digital Workplace Knowledge Articles

    Article # Title 000130901 Changing AR Server Reference in SmartIT / MyIT Application 000114514 How to delete user profile from Mongo DB 000135001 DWP - Catalog search is not working for SRDs, Services, T...
    Jeff Hudson
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  • Push Description field to detail info

    Product Team Review
    73 votes
    Push the "Description" field to Service Request's detail information. When you create a ticket in SmartIT and add a description, you can’t see the description (typed in SmartIT) in Digital Workplace. Instead th...
    Christian Tschiderer
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  • DWP Catalog Timer - check anything in real time

    There was a question from my colleague:  Re: Pause DWP Cat WF until task #2 is invoked I found it interesting so I dug deeper and found a nice way how to observe anything using the DWP Catalog workflow. I wrote ...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • DWP Advanced 20.02 patch/available Packages

    Hello everyone,   Anybody here able to quick explain the packages available for download for DWP Advanced 20.02 ?   1) Do we need to install the integration patches if we are upgrading from 18.11 ?  ...
    Marek Ceizel
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  • Usage of Digital Workplace REST-API

    One of many great features in DWP is the ability to create the most important business applications or business services as a service in DWP to give all DWP users the ability to exchange messages about this service, o...
    Christoph Klapetke
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  • Service Request Coordinator Console in DWP

    4 votes
    There are many requirements where a group of people will have access to all their Company/Group Requests. In ITSM SRM this is possible in Service Request Coordinator Console.   I know there is the Collaboration...
    Marek Ceizel
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