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MyIT Behind the scenes!

Posted by Jason Frye May 15, 2013
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One of the questions I always get asked about MyIT is "What does it take to make this thing work?"  The short answer is "It doesn't take much."


When I asked the team building MyIT about their design philosophy they responded:

The mobile paradigm is 'It Just Works' and thats really the guiding principle behind MyIT.


We designed MyIT to work in any organization, regardless of their level of maturity.

You don't have to have mature processes you only need ITSM or Service Catalog enabled to run MyIT (and in some instances you don't even need those!)  You don't even need a CMDB to take advantage of the location aware functionality.


I think the best way to illustrate the simplicity of MyIT is to give you access to the "magic" of MyIT behind the scenes. Enjoy the show!


Direct Link to videos:


(or play them inline below)


MyIT-Behind the scenes-An Architecture and installation overview


MyIT-Behind the scenes-Configuring Locations Services


MyIT-Behind the scenes-Configuring Assistance, How-To's and Appointment Services


MyIT-Behind the scenes-Configuring Health Services, Broadcasts and integrating with MDM

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