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2 Posts authored by: Hal Clark
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So, you aren’t an Apple fan club member? Or you just like to work on your PC?


The latest release of MyIT expands the platforms your business users may utilize, increasing the population of employees that can take advantage of MyIT to get the information and assistance they need.  Increasing the scope of engagement with your business users are two new clients and multiple localizations for a consistent user experience across multiple device types and languages.


For the Android community, install the Android native MyIT app on your Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy or HTC One phone or tablet to experience the same features you have seen on iOS devices.  Try the Android app yourself at


For all your laptops, desktops and other devices, use the new Universal Client from your HTML5 –compliant browser.  The Universal Client brings the same user experience with MyIT to other platforms not just to serve the large population of employees that are not mobile, but also to enable your mobile employees access to information and assistance from IT at their desks without having to switch to another device – personalized service whenever and wherever the employee needs it.  For mobile employees, this can be useful for planning activities, such as a trip, at their desk so they are prepared for new locations and how to use resources when they get there rather than having to look it up on the run.  The information is already at their fingertips or on their mobile device when they need it.  Try the Universal client yourself at


Is your enterprise primarily non-English speaking or multi-lingual?  Every user can set their language preference to French, German, Italian, Spanish or Simplified Chinese to enjoy the benefits of MyIT in the language of their choice.


Now that can engage more of your employees in the MyIT experience, you will see less time lost in interactions with IT.  Find out more about the benefits of MyIT at

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MC MyIT continues the revolution in bringing self-service benefits to IT that business users want to use with the introduction of the MyIT OnDemand SaaS option for IT and five non-English languages for end users.


The same features and benefits of MyIT are now available as an optional add-on to Remedy OnDemand SaaS IT Service Management.  MyIT OnDemand assists Remedy OnDemand customers significantly improve the end user self-service experience, resulting in greater business user adoption of self-service and reducing the repetitive workload of IT staff – saving time for all. MyIT OnDemand is in the same environment with Remedy OnDemand, sharing the service attributes of security, high-availability and support services.  MyIT OnDemand can be included in available Disaster Recovery services for Remedy OnDemand. Visit MyIT and Remedy OnDemand to learn more about the advantages bring to SaaS IT Service Management.


MyIT OnDemand is fully compatible with BMC MDM and BMC MDM OnDemand, including Application Management and Secure Content Locker.


For your non-English speaking users, MyIT and MyIT OnDemand now support easy end user selection of display languages.  All available languages are supported concurrently across your enterprise-wide use of MyIT.  Currently supported end user languages include:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • English

MyIT has only just arrived and already access is expanding to broader populations of business users. Look for more to come.

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