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3 Posts authored by: Alf Abuhajleh
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The Zoo: Catalog sprawl is gripping our businesses. For every vendor or service type, there is yet another portal. But like a bad flee market, there's seldom anything we really need. So we turn to unauthorized shadow IT. Simon Geddes, product manager at BMC Software, joins The Zoo to talk about a new approach: IT as a Service - or IT Service Brokering - where all the tools and services the business worker needs are available in a service app store. For IT that means a single solution to manage offerings, permissions, compliance and expenditures. A win-win for the entire enterprise.

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With Amazon and Uber, on-demand self-service now is the norm in our daily life. To stay relevant, enterprise IT organizations try to mimic the consumer-side of self-service, consolidating request portals, updating user interfaces and proactively post knowledge articles about recurring issues. But in the end, we're still stuck with long forms and cumbersome processes. Larry Toube shares his views on how IT can modernize access to its service portfolios by taking an ethnographic approach to innovation – that is, let’s build apps that work like people rather than forcing people to act like apps. As an example, we’ll take a closer look at MyIT, a context-aware self-service app.

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In this special edition of Alf's Zoo, we discuss the latest products from BMC Software, including Remedyforce Winter '14, MyIT 2.0 and AppZone 2.0. From an uber-modern self-service app to a familiar corporate store and an industrialized IT management system, the New IT brings unheard of benefits to the enterprise.

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