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Great reasons to try MyIT!

Posted by Chris Rixon May 14, 2013
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#1 Getting started couldn’t be easier


If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store right now, search for ‘MyIT’ (or just tap here) and install it. That’s it - no forms, no configuration and no fuss. All you have to do now is put yourself in the shoes of an end user - how you choose to get into character is entirely up to you...




#2 No training required and you’re free to explore!


You’ve used an iPad or iPhone to get this far, so you’ll be able to use MyIT. We’ve really tried to make the user experience as simple and familiar as possible. Our goal is that anyone should be able to pick up MyIT and just start using it. Imagine how easy that will make the roll-out process…



MyIT will open at the homepage. You’ll see a summary of the key services you care about, any requests you have in process and your next help desk appointment. MyIT will also show you where you are and how to get to the nearest ACME office.


By the way, welcome to ACME - we think you’re going to like working here…



#3  You’ll see something new. Guaranteed.


You’re free to explore MyIT as you want, in fact it’s probably the best way to learn your way around the app. That’s certainly the approach Adam Holtby of analyst firm Ovum took. To whet your appetite, watch Adam exploring MyIT for the first time on this video.


Want to see what mobility can bring to IT self-service? – just tap on the ‘Location’ icon. The map will open at your location and show you details of the nearest ‘Acme’ office. Tap on the Acme office and then tap on the right arrow of the location box and you’ll see details of that office.


Here’s an example based on ACME’s New York office, just tap on any of the devices on the map and you’ll be able to see full details of what they are and how to use them. You can even interact with the devices: you can get status updates and report issues– you can even book time in ACME’s conference rooms!


MyIT uses location in lots of other important ways too:  you can filter updates, knowledge and services based on location - making the experience of getting IT service richer, faster and easier.


Why not try making an appointment with IT face to face and finally get that dodgy keyboard replaced? Tap on the ‘Assistance’ icon, tap on ‘Helpdesk Appointments’, choose an office and make that appointment. Service on your terms, where you want it, when you want it – smart eh ?





#4  Take the guided MyIT tour (and win an iPad mini!)


We’ve also built an interactive guided tour of MyIT where you can explore the capabilities of the app before you download it. You can also use the guided tour as an evaluation companion for MyIT. The tour guides you through the key functionality of the app and explains what each capability could mean for your organization.


And the best part? If you complete the tour, you can register to win an iPad mini! So what are you waiting for? take the tour now!


Ok, that’s enough hand holding from us - you’re on your own now, go explore MyIT. Have fun and we hope you have a long and illustrious career at ACME!

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