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BMC Software announces the 20.08 release of BMC Helix Digital Workplace. This release delivers significant new functionalities requested by customers, including Google Analytics for greater insight into employee engagement, a new setting that enables administrators to customize email, push, and in-app notifications, and the ability to make Catalog requests on behalf of a customer in Smart IT.

This release is available for Helix SaaS Customers only.


Notification customization


Customize Request & Approval notification (Email, Push, In-App).



Category Settings


Control visibility of BMC Service Request Management & HR Case Management Categories.



Business Workflow Approvals


View Business Workflow Approvals and cross launch to view more details.


Smart Recorder


Submit Catalog Requests from Smart IT.


Raise a Catalog Request on behalf of another user.


Attachment Rules


Use a White or Black list to control attachments and control file upload size.

Google Analytics


Optionally enable Google Analytics from the Digital Workplace Administration Console.

Highlight required fields


Required fields are highlighted prior to Request submission.


Additional language support


The Czech language is now supported.




For version details of Remedy ITSM Remedy AR System  HR Case ManagementClient Management Atrium CMDB Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt BMC Helix please refer to our Compatibility Matrix.


Next Steps


For a comprehensive summary of all enhancements please refer to our Digital Workplace Advanced and Basic documentation.