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BMC Software is excited to announce the 20.02.01 release of BMC Digital Workplace. Our latest release delivers significant new functionalities that streamline service delivery, including new group visibility configurations, enhancements that allow for advanced filtering and display options, along with other new catalog capabilities. Additionally, a new installer allows for SSO to be configured with just a few clicks.


All of the following enhancements are available for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced. Enhancements marked with an asterisk (*) are also available for BMC Digital Workplace Basic


Filter Active & Past events*


Filter Active and Past events by the default or custom date range and optionally select the Card view.



Customize Past Events label and filter search by text.



Visibility rules for People Groups


Create "Custom", "Group" or "Everyone" visibility Rules for People Groups.



Add a People Group as the default Collaborator Group


Choose a People Group as the default for Collaboration.



Date & Time question responses to configure date restrictions


Use Question Response with an optional offset to specify the start and end of a time window.



Include Requests & Approvals in Top Hits


Optionally view requests and approvals loaded along with catalog items, articles, appointments and other sections on the Top Hits tab.



Display Alternate approver details*


Allow end users to see who is actually an acting person in the request details.



Additional process context variable parameters


Leverage the cost of a Service as a condition within your workflow.



RSSO configuration for new installations*


Integrate Digital Workplace with Remedy Single SignOn using the installer.






For version details of Remedy ITSM Remedy AR System  HR Case ManagementClient Management Atrium CMDB Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt please refer to our Compatibility Matrix.


Next Steps


For a comprehensive summary of all enhancements please refer to our Digital Workplace Advanced and Basic documentation.


Please note, an upgrade is only supported from BMC Digital Workplace 20.02.

Online UX Survey/Study

The BMC UX Team highly seeks your experience as we are conducting a card sorting UX study revolving around how best to organize the content from DWP Admin Console and DWP Catalog into one unified experience. Also, in this online UX Study, you are provided an option to create your own categories if any of the other pre-defined categories don’t fit, and you will then answer a couple of questions after the card sorting task.


The activity in this online survey shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.