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At BMC, we’ve been transforming Digital Workplace and it centers directly on how we help define the employee experience of the future. BMC Helix Digital Workplace is a self-service application for business users to connect with IT and HR anywhere, anytime, on any device.



Entitlement enables you to control user access to services in your organization. Enterprise customers or service providers who use multi-tenancy to manage several companies can use entitlement rules to ensure that users can view only the available services that they are entitled to request.



In DWP Catalog, as a service catalog administrator, internal service supplier, internal service supplier administrator, or asset manager, you create virtual marketplaces to associate services, bundles, and banners that appear in a BMC Helix Digital Workplace user's catalog with users who can access them.


Now before you start working on DWP Entitlements, you should be aware of the permission levels and groups that specify the capabilities of the account by assigning a permission group in user form of DWP Catalog. You can access the AR system of DWP Catalog from Remedy Mid Tier.


Doc reference: Assigning BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog roles to user accounts

  • sbe-catalog-admins > Enables a user account to manage all aspects of the service catalog.
  • sbe-asset-managers > Enables a user to manage user entitlements by creating virtual marketplaces.
  • sbe-internal-suppliers > Enables a user to create, modify, and send services and bundles for approval.
  • sbe-internal-supplier-admins > Enables a user to create, modify, approve, and publish services and bundles.
  • sbe-agents > Enables a user to access the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog console to view service requests.
  • Administrator > Enables a user to any administrative user account to enable the user to log in to Remedy Mid Tier.
  • sbe-myit-users > Enables a user to request BMC Digital Workplace Catalog services from BMC Digital Workplace.



Entitlements for Services and Banners


  • Login to Digital Workplace Catalog as Administrator.
  • Go to Services > Entitlements and you will notice Virtual Marketplaces , Entitlements by User and Restricted Services.


  • Entitlements can be created based on following ways:
    1. User
    2. DWP Catalog User Group
    3. Dynamic filter by ITSM Core attributes
  • Note: Enable full catalog view allows all the users to access all the services and banners.
  • Once you have the requirement to personalize your business need with regards to various departments and employees, entitlements can be created.
    • Click on New Virtual Marketplaces

    • Add Users (You will notice all the users here from Remedy ITSM integrated with DWP Catalog)

    • Add Banner (Only published Banners will be available to add in this section)

    • Add Catalog (Only Published Catalogs will be available to add in this section)

    • All the Entitlement will be available which you created for the organization.


    • Login with user Bob Baxter and you will notice 2 Banner and 3 Services entitled for this user to access and view.

    • So, now if you want to use ITSM Remedy Core attributes, you will notice option available under Attributes.

    • ITSM integrated to DWP Catalog > CTM:People form (You must ensure these users are available in User form of DWP Catalog AR Server)
      • Note: The advantage of using ITSM core allows you to select user and groups as per Remedy ITSM > CTM:People form.


    • Login with any user who belong to Benefits department will see services and banner based on above entitlement.


Troubleshooting Tips:


Case1: Some entitlements do not work intermittently.

      • Rebuild Cache by accessing the DWP Catalog install location.


Case2: Specific user when login to DWP do not see the service based on entitlement.

      • When you add a user in the marketplace it add a string in the Group list of the user profile on DWP Catalog User form.
      • Ensure this group is added to this user and also verify if the password is same for both Remedy integrated ITSM User to DWP Catalog User.
      • Remove the user from entitlement and re-add.

Case3: After upgrade or database copy entitlement stopped working.

      • Add logging to DWP in /opt/apache/tomcat8.0/external-conf/logback.xml change this (no restart is needed)

<property name="LOG_DWP_CATALOG" value="false"/>




  <property name="LOG_DWP_CATALOG" value="true"/>


Add the org.apache.http.wire section here:

  <!--Optional DWP Catalog logger-->

  <if condition='${LOG_DWP_CATALOG}'>


      <logger name="org.apache.http.wire" level="DEBUG">

         <appender-ref ref="DWP_CATALOG_FILE"/>


      <logger name="" level="DEBUG" >

        <appender-ref ref="DWP_CATALOG_FILE"/>


      <logger name="" level="WARN" >

        <appender-ref ref="DWP_CATALOG_FILE"/>


      <logger name="" level="WARN" >

        <appender-ref ref="DWP_CATALOG_FILE"/>




      • It will log the rest api calls that go between DWP and DWP Catalog. When the server gets into this state, investigate on dwp-catalog.log on the dwp side, arerror.log and bundle.log on the DWP Catalog.



  1. Enhance On-Behalf-Of (OBO) behavior in SRM and MyIT to be able to see Request from own Company/Organization/Department
  2. DWP Advanced: Possibility to add Custom-Fields for Entitlements/Market Places
  3. Requested for Marketplaces in DWPC


I hope that you find this useful as an example on how to get started with entitlements in DWP Catalog. I welcome any comments, feedback and suggestions that you may have regarding this blog post.  I also encourage you to use Ideas on BMC Communities to submit and vote on features that you would like to see in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog.