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BMC Software announces the 19.05 release of BMC Digital Workplace. This release delivers significant new functionalities requested by customers.


All of the following enhancements are available for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced. Enhancements marked with an asterisk (*) are also available for BMC Digital Workplace Basic

End User Experience



Satisfaction Surveys*


Single question surveys are now also available for Catalog Requests.



To view the rating simply open the Report in the Catalog Administration Console.


Enhanced Email Templates*


Cross launch into Digital Workplace using HTML Templates.




Notification settings*


Change notification preferences.



Progress Bar


Quickly view the progress of a Service Request.



Auto Dependent Services


Add dependent Services automatically.





An additional grey navigation style is now available.



Change the name of the Browse Category button or modify the default search placeholder and result filters.


Catalog Dashboard


Browse dashboard categories and view Connector health.





Click for guided assistance and links to help topics & videos.



Bypass permissions


End users can now transparently access forms with special permissions.







For version details of Remedy ITSM Remedy AR System  HR Case ManagementClient Management Atrium CMDB Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt please refer to our Compatibility Matrix.



Next Steps


For a comprehensive summary of all enhancements please refer to our Digital Workplace Advanced and Basic documentation