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Integrating the Digital Workplace Catalog with BMC Asset Management allows users to view their Assets from the "MyStuff" Tab. We can also add Asset Actions to launch Service Requests and dynamically populate them with Asset information.


A common example would be reporting a problem against an existing asset or requesting a new one.



To enable this integration in the Catalog, click the gear icon on the top right hand corner of the Administration page.



Only Assets which belong to the logged in user (owned or used by) can be displayed in MyStuff. To add or modify ownership open the Asset Console and update the People tab with the owner/user.




Before we can view these assets in Digital Workplace we also need to add the associated classes into a new or existing group within the "Asset Groups" section in the Catalog.


Now that we have grouped our assets we can associate an action to retrieve asset information and optionally launch a Request with this information in BMC Digital Workplace. To achieve this functionality create a Service Action and add a questionnaire with whatever fields you may be interested in from Asset Management.



Next, open the question designer and create questions for each of the fields you'd like retrieve data from. In the example below we have a drop down menu which is linked to three possible sets of Asset questions.



Now let's create an action to automatically fill in each of these questions from Asset management as soon as the questionnaire is opened. To do this we use the "Open questionnaire" Trigger" with the "AST:BaseElement" form with a qualification of 'Reconciliation Identity' is 'Asset External ID'. This means only information against the Asset I choose will be returned.



By selecting fields from the "AST:BaseElement" form we can map asset data against each of our text questions.


Finally, we're ready to associate this action with each of our Asset Classes.




In order to view and launch actions we simply navigate to the "MyStuff" page and choose whatever action has been defined.


As soon as we select "Report Asset problem" the Request opens and automatically populates with the relevant data from BMC Asset Management !


In summary, not only are we giving users more visibility about their Assets we're also reducing the level of effort to retrieve and accurately report against dynamic Asset Data !