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The new branding interface replaces the previous process, and eliminates the procedure that required you to update and copy the CSS to apply your branding changes. Use a convenient interface to customize the logo, name, and colors as per your requirements. The new responsive user interface allows your changes to be seamlessly made available across various desktop and mobile devices. Since the previous tenant.css is no longer applicable, you will need to apply your branding using the new branding interface.


In addition to the above branding options, you can use the BMC Digital Workplace Admin Console to easily hide the following features from your end users:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Catalog Ratings and Reviews
  • Knowledge Article Feedback
  • Similar Knowledge Articles
  • Social Activities
  • Posts

For more information, see Rebranding BMC Digital Workplace - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 19.02. For a complete list of new and updated features that have been released, see 19.02.00 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced.