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BMC Digital Workplace 18.02 is now available. In this release, we’re introducing new features which continue to focus on improving end user experience and Integration Services.


We no longer use the 3.x format for versioning. 18.02 signifies February 2018

*With the exception of the healthcheck, all of these features are available with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced only*


My Stuff Actions


Submit an Asset Request from the Catalog.


Launch a Request on closure or from an existing Service which you are following.



Select workflow to be associated with an Action.



Add or remove Service Actions.


BMC Chatbot Integration


Request a Service using Skype for Business, BMC Chatbot Client, Text message or Slack !



Integration Service Support


Create your own connector using BMC Integration Services or choose from any of the available connectors.



In this example we're using the Jira Connector to create a new issue.





We can now also localize Catalog Services.


Activate localization by using the toggle button.


Choose the language and you are ready to localize !



Connector Instances


Configure multiple instances of a Connector.


In this example we're connected to three different ITSM systems !



Enhanced Request Report


Learn more about your Service Requests.



Enhanced Health Check


Additional checks for notification, SMTP and log level.





For version details of Remedy ITSM  Remedy AR System  Atrium Orchestrator  HR Case Management  Client Management  Atrium CMDB  Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt please refer to the Digital Workplace Basic and Advanced Compatability Matrix for further details.



Next Steps


For a comprehensive summary of all enhancements please refer to our documentation here. To learn how to build your own connectors using BMC Integration Services please refer to the following Blog.


Integration Service: Getting started with writing your own connectors

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