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At BMC, we’ve been undergoing a transformation, one that centers directly on how we help define the employee experience of the future. Driving the case for change is our team who want simplified tools to make them more effective. This work flexibility gives them a greater say in how their digital  workplace operates and as a team we saw a tremendous increase in productivity. For these reasons effective June 9th 2017,we’ve decided to simplify things and rebrand MyIT and MyIT Service Broker to BMC Digital Workplace.


BMC Digital Workplace is available in two tiers: Basic and Advanced. The functionality is the same on-premise and in the cloud.


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We will be renaming the Community and URL's on the week of the 12th of June, this change will be transparent.


The complete list of updates for Service Pack 2 are available in the Digital Workplace 3.3.02 Basic and Advanced release notes.

For further information and comments please refer to our BMC Digital Workplace FAQ