We are excited to announce many new enhancements to support a richer more engaging service catalog with MyIT and MyIT Service Broker. In this latest release, we are introducing new capabilities for enhancing your service catalog even more. Dynamic content helps boost engagement.


MyIT Pyramid.PNG


Broadcasts, Location & Service Health are not available in MyIT Self Service

**Only Available with Digital Workplace OnDemand, Service Broker OnDemand 3.3.01 and DWP 3.3.02




User Experience Highlights




Catalog Starter Kit


If you're using MyIT for the first time you'll be treated to a selection of sample Service Requests




Banner Management


Create promotional Banners to display in the Catalog


Triggers actions or launch External URL's by tapping or clicking on a Banner


Banners are available in multiple sizes



Profile Enrichment


Digital Workplace OnDemand now offers profiles which can include multiple images, videos, ratings and reviews


Enriched Profiles.PNG



Search Approvals based on String or Type


Quickly filter or search for Approvals




Shopping Cart


The Shopping Cart is now available for MyIT Digital Workplace On Demand







Users can now rate their experience using Surveys which are presented on both the Universal Client and Device (SRM & HRCM only)







Administration/Architectural Highlights


Questionnaire Library


Create your own Questionnaire Library within MyIT Service Broker




New Workflow Designer


Use the same Workflow Designer as the Innovation Suite



Workflow Designer.PNG


Query Remedy forms


Configure Service Broker to retrieve data from Remedy forms




Delete or Preview Workflow


Quickly Delete or Preview Workflow

Preview Delete Workflow.PNG


Check Service Broker Process Status


More control & view of Service Broker Services


Process View.PNG


Import Categories


Import and Map External Categories


Import Categories.PNG



MyIT Superbox Customization


Quickly customize the Superbox with your own text



Save the new text and it becomes available in both the MyIT Universal Client and Device




Universal Client Rebranding Tool


Upload a new Company Logo & change the Background Image


Change common background and text coloring or add additional CSS styling


Change the navigation color & logo


Click to download the compiled the code and the new style becomes available once it's copied to the MyIT Server




iOS Rebranding Tool


Style the MyIT iOS application and hard-code with the MyIT Server name/port



Once resigned & deployed, the changes are reflected on the Device.






MyIT User Report



Run a Report to check user activity


MyIT Health Check Report


Kick off the MyIT Health Check utility using a Batch file



MyIT Diagnostics now checks BMC Remedy Single Sign-On




MyIT Service Broker Connectors


New Amazon EC2, BMC Client Management, Office 365, Jira and Microsoft Azure Connectors



Compatibility Details


This release is also compatible with Remedy ITSM 8.1 SP1 +, TrueSight 8.6 +,BMC Client Management 12.0, HRCM 4.7 & BMC Atrium Orchestrator 20.16.02 +


Next Steps


  • Read everything you need to know about MyIT & MyIT Service Broker
  • For a comprehensive summary of all MyIT & MyIT Service Broker enhancements please refer to the following documentation


BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.3 Enhancements

BMC MyIT 3.3 Enhancements