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In this blog I’d like to demonstrate how I troubleshoot problems with the Universal Client. I'm sharing my experience on Communities because others may find it helpful.


Before we start I’d highly recommend that you review the basic Architecture of MyIT/SmartIT.

The MyIT User Interface itself is built using the Angular.js framework which utilizes the MyIT Tomcat REST API via AJAX requests




When you log into MyIT you are presented with an activity stream.



All of the information here is actually stored in the Mongo Database via the MyIT Social Server (Node.js) Application.



For MyIT/SmartIT to be fully operational, Mongo DB, MyIT Tomcat and MyIT Social need to be running. Virgo which is used for the MyIT Admin Console is independent.







If you can log into MyIT but you can’t see any activity/updates check if each of these components are running. Otherwise your activity stream will be missing and you’ll see either of these messages...








The MyIT Tomcat Server initially queries the Mongo DB for a key to authenticate so to simulate this handshake, enter the following in your browser:




You should get something like this...


"key": "01a86963-b8e8-e19c-4bb0-ffaf30a9d209“


If you don’t get a response, check to make sure all of the services are up and there are no port conflicts with mongo (27017) or social (9001). If UC problems persist, turn on debug and check the UX or Catalina logs for exceptions:


Windows log file location


Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\Logs

Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7.0\logs


Linux log file location





On the Client side there are a number of Developer Tools which can also help.


  • Firebug
  • Internet Explorer Developer Tools (F12)
  • Chrome Developer Tools (F12)
  • Fiddler


In the example below we can see a REST call being made to the Tomcat server and if you look at the response you can see it’s having an authentication problem.


This was because of an incorrect application service password for the SRM provider which is set in the Administration Console.



Here the UC is returning a blank page but we can see a 404 response, the cause of which was an incorrect AR Server name in the file (Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7.0\external-conf).



...and here this page keeps loading because of a typo in the hostname for the Mongo server in the config.js file (Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT\Smart_IT_MyIT\social).




In this example we can see the user tried to create an appointment for a time when no slots were available.




...and finally with the Fiddler Web Debugger we can see a network connection is being blocked to the MyIT Server.





I hope you've found this Blog useful so let us know by rating or adding a comment.


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