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Its end of February and March rising not too late to start off with Virtual Agent SP1. . I work with many customers who are new to this product and are unaware of the latest Virtual Agent release which is more rich in feature as comapred to BMC Chat 8.0 which is renamed to BMC Virtual Agent when VA 8.1 was released.


This post will help you collect the information on What’s new with BMC Virtual Agent 8.1.01 as compared to 8.1.00. The Virtual Agent SP1 released on 21st Nov 2013


New features in this version


1.)      Installer

2.)      Sample AIML

3.)      Localization

4.)      Diagnostics

5.)      Software License Report

6.)      Performance updates

7.)      Right Answers Integration

8.)      Security fixes and enhancements



1) Installer - Enhancements


• Reduced manual steps

• Installs AR server and mid-tier components and Server Type Selection for component based installation

• Application Upgrade through Installer

• Reports deployment through Installer

• Addition of Application Version in SHARE: Application Properties

• Un-Installer changes

• SSP Localization integration

• Chat Alerts now packaged with VirtualAgent components



2) Sample AIML


New Sample.aiml file included in aiml file repository which provides advanced Aiml file construction examples.




3) Localization


Self-Service Portal Localization – French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

For example for French locale the screen in French locale will look as below after the Configurations done. See More



4) Diagnostics


For overall health, performance and debugging of the VA system, diagnostics information has been added within the installer .
Three levels or areas of diagnostics exist:

  • Start up diagnostics
    Performs initial test of critical items and reports status


  • Real-time diagnostics
    Provides a detailed look into system performance


  • Diagnostics Logging
    Option to log the details of Real-time diagnostic events by individual items



5) Software License Report


a) Updated License Usage Reporting



b.) New Drill Down feature for License Usage Report




6) Performance Updates

Better handling of the support queue position notification messages by improving the Self Service Servlet. New changes implemented by introducing a position counter on the Self Service Portal.



7) Right Answers Integration


With version 8.1.01, it is possible to integrate BMC Virtual Agent with the RightAnswers knowledge management system. On chat with a virtual agent, customers' questions can be used to search the RightAnswsers knowledge base. BMC Virtual Agent returns a link to a list of Right Answers sources. See More



8) Security Updates


The SP1 release contains several security fixes and enhancements like
•   Parameter Validation for the execution of script commands. 
•   Usage of recent servlet-api.jar from Tomcat.
•   Addition of Customized Error Response Page.



Useful knowledge articles and hotfixes that are available for BMC Virtual Agent 8.1.01



Recently Modified/Added Sections to SP1 Documentation




Information to download the patch and documents




In the case of defects, be sure to upgrade to the latest versions and service packs that address them. 
For any further questions please contact BMC Customer Support or BMC Communities for Virtual Agent. You can use Ideas in Communities to submit and vote on features that you would like to see in the product.


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