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Martin Penev
Hello,   Currently there is no Reopen functionality for native Service Broker requests. It is only available for services created by importing SRDs from SRM into Service Broker.   I think it would…
Koray Kusat
Hi,   There is OOTB functionality on remedy surveys , which two buttons were used to "Close" the request/backend ticket or "Reopen" the request/backend ticket. In DWP surveys these buttons dont…
Stefan Hall
Hi, today I had an Alert Notification in the BMC support area that alerted me to a scheduled maintenance window and a service interruption. Then it occurred to me again that I had always missed…
Michael Hoover
How this topic is important: Our company is currently going to a more BYOD and Mobile stand point.  With our upgrade to Remedy 9.0 we are rebranding the Smart IT mobile app.     Description of…
Ivan Pirishanchin
Hi,   I think it is good option to bring back the vizualizer (or something similar) from SRM into MyIT/SmartIT which can allow users to see the approval/process steps in a diagram. This was…
Stefan Koenig
Hi everyone,   does anyone know, where to change the mail address, which is used by the DWP catalog workflow action "Send Email"? OOTB the mail address which is used is… (Show more)
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