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Raghuram Guggilam
Hi All,   As of now, We don't have flexibility to add custom fields in both Create Incident or Create Incident with Identifiers. As you know, there are lot of different customization happens in most…
Thomas Hammer
The standard Remedy connectors to create an incident, a work order or a change request have a very limited list of fields which can be mapped in the "Input Map"   Example: As you can see this…
Vera Hill
Please enable Rich Text (RTF) type of field in service offering's questions to pull RTF fields from regular forms. Currently the only type of field that can be pulled from a "regular" ITSM form into…
Silke Radde
Since we can use Tables in DWPC Questionnaire now it would be great to create Actions on tables as well. Means, if end user selects a row of a Single Select Table other fields in the questionnaire…
Dominik Scholz
We need to have an option that allows us to choose manually for any email if we want to publish it or keep it internal. There is a flag to set work log entries to public. We need the same for…
Thomas Hammer
Hello, we are facing the following issue when we try to do a fresh installation of DWP 19.02 on a Windows 2016 server with an external Tomcat 8.5.32. ITSM: 19.02 fresh installation DB: MS-SQL 2016… (Show more)
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Dirk Reuter
Hi,   It would be nice to have the possibility to hide the URL of a Quick Link. In MyIT (< V.3.5) it was possible to change the css. In newer versions there seems to be no option to change this.  
Paul Seager-Smith
ARSystem supports a plugin framework to analyse attachments uploaded to the system and you can get AV plugins to scan these attachments. With DWP-A this helps if you want to attach a file to a Work…
Stefan Hall
All operating systems of mobile devices are preparing for Dark Mode or have already established it. But it also depends on the applications to make it work really well and to provide the user with an…
Eric Wuensche
Request: Please provide an alternative fresh installation option for DWPA 19.11+ wich doesn't require importing a DB Dump as Administrator (sys / system).   Background: Since DWP-A version 19.11…
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