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Hi Team,   MyIT Browse Category is not showing the list  
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Jay Collett
We just installed Smart-IT for Remedy on our test system and it seems to be working just fine. Our iPhone mobile apps tests look great but the Android mobile app crashes 100% when you select the… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Korney Tuchin
In current MyIT version you can see approval "Details" only for requests and change requests. It is confirmed by BMC support and R&D.   It should be available for all types of approvals (knowledge,…
Phil Kuhlman
With more services being added to our catalog, using the category and carousel, with 8 or 16 items displayed, the home page is very busy and it's visually distracting.   In order to make the page…
Mike Roper
In line with providing a justification when a request is reopened, we need the ability to provide a justification when a user wishes to cancel a request. the justification should be put into a…
Mike Roper
Would like the ability for users to modify activity after it has been added to MyIT/SmartIT. If any clarifying information needs to be added to an activity, the user must create a new entry.
I am new to BMC Remedy 9. Wondering what is the logic behind the 'Most Common IT Requests' in MyIT. We are categorizing the service requests by requests for individuals and requests for applications… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Shreya Rangari
Hello Experts,   I am trying to install 18.02 DWP Catalog. I have reached to the step where we need to create Tenant with the help of I was able to successfully create schema and… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Sanket Mhatre
Hi Team,   In Service broker we have the capability to create lookup (lookup drop down) field . Basically that look up goes in ITSM fetches values and show as drop down in Service broker.   However…
Gustav Ahlberg
Make it posible to declare array type variables in Service Broker and extend functionality of Remedy Connector and Questionaires to use these. Without arrays Multi Instance Loop cant be used and…
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