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Patrik Stanz
Hi!   Our customers want to have to ability to increase the upload field size in the DWP request. They have the problem that many people do not hit the field directly during drag&drop if they are in…
Ash Hall
Within Digital Workplace, when managing Categories it is possible to nest a category within another parent category - however, if a user accidentally drags a parent category to being a child of…
Ricky .
hi All,   Can we add a new asset type and sub type values in Smart IT?     I added a custom sub class in the atrium console then refresh metadata in Smart IT but the values still same and not… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace
Ash Hall
Within Digital Workplace, it is possible to hide/reveal questions based on answers to previous questions, this is very powerful. However, only one level of conditional nesting is possible. It would…
Abdul Moid Mohammed
Hi Team,   Please address this issue with Priority as HIGH and assigned to any of the support teams available right now.   We are with BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,DWP along RSSO. We are to apply the… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace
Stefan Serb
For our clients, we are using the collaborators feature in DWP Advanced and we have the following use case: Our customers that are using DWP, are working on shifts and are raising requests for…
Marek Ceizel
We found several problems in the latest release 19.08 DWP/DWPC:   Navigation issue when clicking on multiple anchors within a knowledge articles Dynamic menus are not correctly refreshed when…
Christoph Klapetke
This idea is to enhance the new page builder feature in DWP. Currently you can add DWP groups and you can follow the groups or individual persons. In my point of view the social component in DWP…
Naji Abdallahi
In SRM there is an option to Reopen Request: This feature would be good to have in DWP Catalog.
Naji Abdallahi
At present it is possible to have some validation on date and date/time fields in DWP Catalog, such as this: However, there seem to be no way of validating that an end date should come after a…
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