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Announcement 1 Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - Best Practices for Deploying DWP Catalog Webinar
Announcement 2 Connect with BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy - DWP Catalog Workflow Best Practices and Troubleshooting WebinarAnnouncement count
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Jamie Swales
I am submitting this idea on behalf of a global financial services organisation. Problem statement: There is no easy way for end users to escalate slow progressing requests / incidents. Multiple…
Sumeet Das
As of v20.02, there isn't any ability to define a sort order for the drop-down Or Lookup values in DWP Service Questionnaire. DWP by default ALWAYS sorts alphabetical ascending.   Creating…
David Vacas
Hi,   We are using DWP (20.02) with DWP-C for the enhanced catalog. Once you request a service, you can go to "My Activity" tab and form there enter into the details of the request, write comments,… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace
Daniel Soto
Customer wants to have Business Manager Console enabled in MyIT for Business Admins.   Using the Business Manager Console - Documentation for BMC Service Request Management 9.1 - BMC Documentation
Mohamed Mounir
when End-users submit a service request and that request open a change request (only one change request ticket not multiple as one to one) if that change request is pending for approval the Progress…
Mohamed Mounir
we need to view tickets details that are opening from the service request raised by end-users in DWP console in the details of the request such as ( Ticket Number [CRQ or INC], the approves of the…
Daniel Maican
Broadcasts in DWP would have a better use showing in the home page - highlighting there is an ongoing issue - That way it would be better noticed prior to the users submitting the ticket. A proposed…
Ravi Dubey
There are times when a person is no longer associated with a group/org and his/her open requests ( which eventually has incident/change/work orders as fulfillment ID) needs to be reassign to new…
Tamara Ehmoser
Hi!   For Service Requests - which were created via DWP-Advanced (Service Broker) - it is possible to add "Ratings & Reviews" as well as "Timeline Posts": Now let's assume that an angry user…
Ash Hall
Digital Workplace picks up the 'Language' setting defined in the Web Browser of the client in order to determine the locale/language in which to render the UX/interface, however for many…
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