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Laree Stann
Would like a way for the myit dropdown menu's to be sorted in alphabetical order. From our SRD's dropdown menus do not have any functionality where I can sort the list.  
Christoph Klapetke
Hi, I have built a new notebook bundle in DWP Catalog. Per default there is one external included, but when you want to add a second or thirst external monitor you have to add the second and third…
Baeny Khaeroni
By have comments and attachment in approval view for request created in SB, so approver and requester can communicate or adding information needed during request approval process.
Sanket Mhatre
As a part of requirement, I want to add a formatted text as a some text on new line.   Usecase : 1. Go to SB workflow Designer 2. Create a variable local or text for input type 3. Now try to enter…
Shane Smith
Need the ability to format text in the work flow editor of DWP.  Example:  When pushing multiple lines of text in the notes field of a work order, it would be helpful to allow line breaks in the text…
Daniel Maican
Broadcasts in DWP would have a better use showing in the home page - highlighting there is an ongoing issue - That way it would be better noticed prior to the users submitting the ticket. A proposed…
Len Brown
We are planning on upgrading to DWP Advanced in the next few months and just curious about a few things.   Is it possible to create Incident/Change Tasks in Workflow Designer? Is it possible to… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
Betuel Kaan-Kuyumcu
On the SRM there should available date validation so it can be used on MyIT. As we have option for Regular expression on the Text fields.   1. Date field validation - like, you have "Start date" and…
Liam Golden
How do I set up the Notes field/Description to have line changes. Haven't been able to locate it in the documentation.   So that the different variables on seperate lines to give a better overview… (Show more)
in Digital Workplace / MyIT
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