• Shrink a file using SQL Server Management Studio

    Hi All,   What is the use of Shrinking a file using SQL Server Management Studio?   How to do that? Is there any prerequisites to do that?   Regards, Keerthana B S
    Keerthana B S
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  • File Integrity and Data Discovery

    Hi Everyone,   Please help.   What BMC Product can do this?     - Have a real-time detection of changes to critical files and notify when such changes are noted. - Have a a real-time alerts to ...
    McHarry Chito
    created by McHarry Chito
  • Can I be notified when BMC release updates on certain products?

    I want to be notified when BMC release new versions on the products that we use (ARS, ITSM, SmartIT/MyIT etc,), but I do not want to be spammed down by other things from BMC. Is this possible?
    Johannes Buverud
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  • What is Compatibility matrix & use?

    Vivek Singh
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  • Finding your Product Community

    Anirban Dutta
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  • Questions regarding BMC products

    Dear all, I am quite new to BMC products in general. I am writing a strategy document and I am looking into products that could help us work better and more efficient.   My questions :   a) What can't BMC...
    Konrad Azzopardi
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  • PWS Data Sheet KBC.pdf

    ShareRemedy KBConnect - Synchronise SharePoint content with your Remedy Knowledge Solution.
    Panacea Ltd
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  • SMEs posting Great Content all year long

    While preparing Engage 15, many of you have been sharing interest in even more content posted on BMC Communities, all year long. Ohhh, even more content happens to be a key take-away of the recent survey. Experts in ...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Your Perspective on the Future

    Today, almost an Off Topic post, and I expect very interesting stories to be shared. What does modern IT look like to you? What’s the biggest goal your team is tasked with this year? Are there ways you’...
    Matt Laurenceau
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  • Let Your Voice Be Heard Online!

    BMC is listening.  We have recently initiated an online experience improvement program run by the Customer Experience Team in the Chief Customer Office.  To help with this effort, we would like your feedback...
    Roger Hirsch
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  • BMC Products

    Dear Matt Laurenceau  here is a new GIF image for BMC products based on new CSS style
    Mohammed Gharaibeh
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  • BMC Remedy interview questions

    Hi,   I have 2 years of exp in Remedy as a Admin. Now I am planning to change my job and I am interested in ITSM development. Requesting you to provide interview questions please. and also guide me on which topi...
    Anil Kumar
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  • "Flydek" some one  knows it??

    Does any one know about the "Flydek" or something like that for remedy 8?   Reagrds
    Miguel Jacobo
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  • Is there any BMC tool that can monitor Internet Bandwidth Utilisation?

    Is there any BMC tool that can monitor Internet Bandwidth Utilisation?   I found TMG Reporter. However, I would be interested if BMC has any tool.
    Nayeemullah Mohammed
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  • Announcement about open access and improved experience on docs.bmc.com

    Recently, Patrick Wilson announced that docs.bmc.com is now open for anonymous access. See Announcement about open access and improved experience on docs.bmc.com for details.
    Deepa Bhat
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  • Galileo

    Hello Experts,   I am new to Galileo and I wanted to explore more.   I tried googling but was not able to find anything helpful.   is there anything that I can refer to get information related to it ??
    NR Official
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  • Chrome not working in EPD section

    Statement from BMC Web support that Chrome will not be supported until June. If you require Chrome support, it might be good to express that to BMC in some way. Anyway, in the mean time, here is a link to the instruct...
    Laura Hannah
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  • Track-IT, FootPrints, or Remedy?

    Hello.   I'm looking for some advice.   I work for a local municipal government.  We currently use Track-It for limited asset management (desktops and laptops), however, we want to expand that to the ...
    Alex Shiplett
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  • Support for I/O Concepts X-Direct TN3270

    Hi, I understand that BMC has taken over I/O Concepts.   There are projects i support that still use I/O Concepts X-Direct TN3270 software for "screen scraping" legacy systems. It is currently installed on HP-U...
    Santosh Shanmukh
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  • Equivalences with CA products.

    Hi guys,   I´m looking for the equivalences between this prodcuts of BMC in the CA ones:   BMC Proactive Performance Management (Portal/PATROL) BMC TM-ART BMC BEIM Patrol Dashboard / Visualis  ...
    Martín Ponce
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