• como extrair o numero de licenças do Remedy ?

    Alguem poderia passar o procedimento de extração do uso de licenças do Remedy
    Celso Junior
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  • Incident-knowledge operationnal categorization

    Hi,   When I create an incident in Smart IT and I use the function "Save and Resolve" in a knowledge article, it automatically modified the operationnal categorization of my incident for the value of the knowled...
    Chantal Blais
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  • ADDM out of disk space in /usr - Clearing the files in backup folder a solution ?

    Can I delete files in /usr/tideway/var/localdisk/backup folder after taking its backup for clearing the space
    Ebbin Jacob Babu
    created by Ebbin Jacob Babu
  • how to block the use of psiphon app?

    How to block the use of this application since it violates the security of the network
  • Is there an architecture diagram in BMC Communities that helps show how all the BMC and partner products work together?

    I have reviewed some architecture diagrams but seeking if there are others for a comprehensive review / synthesis of what has been created.
    Troy Johnson
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  • BMC MarketZone

    Can someone please advise me on how we can add our company as a BMC MarketZone partner. We are already a BMC Partner but we would like to participate on MarketZone with our own developed modules.
    Paul Goncalves
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  • how to get the support contract id to access BMC support

    I have an account with BMC but as i dont have the contract id, i could download the control m products. Can anybody help me how to get it?
    Krishnan Subramanian
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  • how to create some calculated field for release tickets reporting

    Hi Dear Leaders   I'm working to setup a score card for the team regarding releases ticket as per below   1- ration of releases still on schedule 2- Ratio of Unplanned Changes related to a Release 3- Rat...
    ouakam Mathieu
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  • WBT training classes for administrator

    Where can I find the following two training classes online? I can only find "Part 1"   BMC Remedyforce: Fundamentals for Administrators – Part 2 (WBT)   BMC Remedyforce: Fundamentals for Administrato...
    Xinlan Shi
    created by Xinlan Shi
  • app server issue

    one of the app server , application is not able to start
    Gangireddy nallagundu
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  • hi

    I have problems with adding a ldap group to an authorization group in V9.0.19.200
    Rene Bommer
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  • Creating Incident SLAs with Business Hours and Holidays

    Hello BMC community.  I'm trying to create 3 SLAs based on Incident Priorities (Low, Medium and High).  I can successfully create these 3 SLAs, but they are not calculating based on business hours or holiday...
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  • Help with training course...

    I am attempting to start the Base Camp Badge: I receive "This training item is currently unavailable to you. Please select alternative training, or complete prior requirements before requesting this training." - Could...
    Eric van Zyl
    created by Eric van Zyl
  • Technician belongs to Administrators Group but doesn't see Configuration option in menu

    Technician belongs to Administrators Group but doesn't see Configuration option in menu
    Allen Naese
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  • Email notification business rule isn't running

    I've created an email notification business rule that will contact the customer upon creation of a ticket.  The business rule shows that it ran but the email isn't being sent and the business rule doesn't show as...
    Gail Maddox
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  • Problem_Submit_Service / Problem_Modify_Service - Relationshit INC - Attach Files

    Hello, I have two questions regarding the Create and Modify PBI web services (Problem_Submit_Service / Problem_Modify_Service):   1. How do I create the Relationship of a PBI Ticket with an INC Ticket? 2. How c...
    Giancarlo Peña
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  • Hi want to request a bdc instance, how to do that?

    Hi want to request a bdc instance, how to do that?
    Heng Ching Ting
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  • Checking ISR request status

    Hello, Sorry to bother.  Maybe you can help.  We have submitted ISR request B7CE006ABD7A6C58.  How can we check the status of this ISR request?  Thank you.
    Paul Triozzi
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  • %UNIT% Variable - Y Axis

    HI Team,   Is the %UNIT% macro variable can still be used? I checked that I cannot choose variable in Y axis of the charts.
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  • hi

    hi we need your help
    Sivasubramanian Natesan
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