• BMC CLM Option choice(option inside option)

    Hi All,   I need your help to implement below requirement. Requirement:- At my current environment have two vCenter. I want to create option choice should be like options inside options. for example there ar...
    Rupesh Raut
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  • Automated Tenant Creation & Mapping in CLM

    Hi All,   Is there any way to automate the Tenant creation process in CLM & Mapping the tenant to required network containers.
    Vikas Soni
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  • Trending in Support:  Using AREA LDAP to simplify account authentication in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management-3.1

    This post shares some thoughts on how to configure BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM 3.1) and LDAP integration with BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.   In this post, I’ll describe how to take advantage of the AR...
    Abhishek Rai
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  • CLM ZipKit - Remedy ITSM Integration Artifacts

    Remedy ITSM Suite - Remedy is a powerful service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, beautiful, people-centric user experience that makes everybody more productive. Remedy ITSM is a transf...
    Lisa Greene
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  • Unable to see the servers in BMC CLM portal for Azure Resource Manager.

    Hello All,   Using CLM 4.6.05, and performing Azure provisioning in ARM portal. I have successfully completed the VM provisioning, but not able to view server i.e. it shows '0' to Azure VM. So, facing issues w...
    Akshay D
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  • Error while integrating AO with CLM

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate already existing AO with CLM4.5. AO CDP is integrated with CLM but getting errors with repository and access manager. Please help me to resolve this.     On my AO ser...
    GuruPrasad D S
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  • Apple Watch - Cloud Lifecycle Management Trial Contest

    Take our new Cloud Lifecycle Management trial to be entered to win an Apple Watch!*   Register for the trial here: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Trial - BMC   *Pending contest rules found on the registr...
    Lilly Roosken
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  • BMC CLoud Lify Cycle Management and Open Stack

    Hi All,   I would like to know did any one tried Open stack and BMC CLM Integration,According couple of post i found its not available out of the box,need to do some configurations to achieve the same.Would like...
    Shwe R
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  • CLM portal integration with BMC tools

    Product Team Review
    13 votes
    I attended BMC Exchanve event in New England this year and while attending the CLM session afternoon i have a thought in my mind about intergration on BSA portal which was released in 8.5 version.   Idea was :It...
    Lavanya Bobba
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  • Error while integrating Existing Remedy with CLM

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate existing Remedy 8.1 with CLM 4.5. I had given Remedy server hostname during installation wizard while validating it is throwing an error as below.   Even though the below men...
    GuruPrasad D S
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  • CLM 4.0 stack support for virtual workstations

    Hi ! We have quite many questions popping up about the supporting virtual workstations by our CLM & Automation environment. E.g we should be able to manage (provision, decommission, change resources) workstatio...
    Pasi Lukkarinen
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  • VM placement through an Atrium workflow and vSphere DRS Groups?

    Hi,   We are looking at a CLM-triggered Atrium workflow to do intelligent VM placement beyond Service Governor. This workflow would call upon an in-house application intended to place the VM being created into a...
    Francois-Pierre Moriceau
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  • CLM to ITSM

    Hi,   We are building CLM 4.0 (ARS 8.1), while we have a need to integrate it with existing ITSM (7.6.04) of customer .As of now, we are looking to update CI's in ITSM whenever a service request is raised in CLM...
    Deepti Garg
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  • manage Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint accounts

    We need the possibility to manage Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint Accounts. In the docu I have read one short note about Microsoft Exchange, but no more examble to build this with a blueprint https://docs.bmc.com/d...
    Rainer Noeth
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  • Adding Customized AO workflow in CLM.

    Greetings Experts,      Can anybody provide me any document which will demonstrates the steps involved in adding a customized AO workflow to work with exisitng OOTB AO workflows in CLM?   Th...
    sanket barge
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  • Error occurred while applying the options on the blueprint Got exception:  No match found in the existing blueprint for the option choice: Install IIS 7.5.

    Hi All,   I am using CLM 4.0 and trying to install some software in day-2 options. I have created Application blueprint in the Service designer.   When I add the application blueprint into Server group it ...
    Bala Dengale
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  • CLM 4.0 Center Appliance instead of windows vCenter support.

    Hi All,   Customer asking to use linux based vCenter appliance(Suse Enterprise Linux) instead of Windows based vCenter.   All CLM provisioning takes place through vCenter, where BSA agent resides, I know i...
    Bala Dengale
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    Hello Friends,   I'm new to the BMC CLM. I'm working only in BPPM. Now i need to install, Configure and Integrate the various components of BMC CLM. Help me for the documents for BMC-CLM 4.0   Regards, V...
    Vinothkumar V
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  • testing API with REST Client and got bulkCreate error

    I using REST api client to test provisioning server. For login and ServiceOffering/search, I can call API without the problem but when i try to call bulkCreate, i got the error as the following. What is this problem m...
    Suwajchai Rasikawan
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  • Can we create CLM Service Blueprint using AO workflow/NSH Script instead of VGP?

    Hi Friends,   I wanted to know, Can we create a service blueprint without specifying any VGP? How to Configure AO workflows/NSH Script in CLM, so that those would be available in Service blueprint. Is the AO ...
    Aryan Anantwar
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