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I am very pleased to announce that BSA 8.9 Service Pack 2 is now available.


Here are some highlights of the release:

1>     Compliance Support:

    1. DISA STIG content update for Windows 2016
    2. DISA STIG content update for RH 7

2>     Patch Analysis support for AIX Multibos

Users can now perform patch analysis on the standby instance of the Base Operating System (BOS) which is maintained in the same root volume group as the active BOS object.

3>     Patching support for AIX on an Alternate Disk or Multiple Boot Operating System

Some versions of AIX have the capability of maintaining multiple instances of Base Operating Systems (BOS). The additional instance of the BOS can be maintained in the same root volume group (multibos) or on a separate disk on a separate root volume group (alternate disk). The user can boot any one instance of the BOS which is called the active instance. The instance that has not been booted remains as a stand by instance. BMC Server Automation supports installation, maintenance, and technology-level updates on the stand by BOS instance without affecting system files on the active BOS.

4>     Export Health Dashboard

Users can now export the entire Health Dashboard in HTML format.

5>     Deprecation on Red Hat Network download option

Red Hat transitioned from its Red Hat Network hosted interface to a new Red Hat Subscription Management interface. To enable customer to seamlessly continue patching on Red Enterprise Linux, we have deprecated RHN download option. All patching on RHEL targets must be performed using the CDN download option (its selected by default when creating patch catalog).

6>     Message to review he number of target servers

To prevent any unplanned outages in your data centre, BSA now allows you to review the number of servers targeted by a job.

7>     Database cleanup and BLCLI enhancements