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It takes me immense pleasure to announce the general availability of CLM 4.6.06!


Here are some highlights of the release:


1. Azure integration enhancement


We have enriched the integration with Azure by adding below support:


  • Using a single blueprint, users can provision same image (installable resource for CLM) across any geographical location.
  • To provide more option for redundancy, in a single blueprint, option can be set to deploy a set of machine in one Availability Set while another set of machine in another Availability set.
  • For storage, Azure's Managed Disk is now supported. Deployment from managed images is supported.
  • Option to choose different replication types (Standard & Premium) for data and  OS disks is now supported.
  • Option to provision resources into a user defined Resource Group has been made easier.
  • Organizations can now set their own default naming conventions (name advisor) for any new Azure resources that is provisioned.
  • Support for internal (private facing) Load Balancers has been added.
  • Existing SOIs can be onboarded into CLM. Compliance can be set against to-be-deployed resources and can be triggered against already deployed instances through CLM.


2. Cisco ACI support


User can provision service with Cisco ACI enabled POD/Network Container and perform Day 1 and Day 2 actions


3. Network path support on POD level network


4. Hype-V Onboarding


Admins now can onboard existing Hyper-V instance into CLM. Below support has been added


  • Single Tier VM Onboard using Quickstart & API
  • Multi-Tier VMs Onboard using API
  • Day 2 actions on onboarded VM


5. Custom Day 2 support


In End user Portal, admins can now create UI (custom panel) for custom day 2 actions.


  • Following custom panels can be created:
    • Day-2 Actions
    • Advance TRO Actions.
    • Custom Server Operator actions


  • Data-sources can be attached to Custom fields to provide run-time data


  • A toolkit is provided to make creation of custom panel for Day 1 and Day 2 simpler. Feature includes:
    • Support for creating  custom Panels for Day 1, Day 2 & Day 2 (Advanced TRO) actions.
    • Support for associating data sources to custom fields
    • Support for deleting custom panels created using Toolkit


For more details, please refer:


Note: CLM 4.6.06 onwards, BMC Compact Rapid Deployment Stack and Small Rapid Deployment Stack is discontinued and no longer supported.




Sushan Bhattacharjee

Product Manager

BMC Software