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I am very pleased to announce that the simplified Install Planner for CLM is now GA!  The goal was to simplify CLM installation and upgrade process.


Here are some highlights of the release:


1> Pre-Analyzer

We have now introduced Pre-Analyzer in the Install Planner. The Pre-Analyzer checks all the system pre-requisites required before CLM installation. For CLM Upgrade, it scans the CLM servers and report the Upgrade-Readiness of a CLM environment. At the end of the Pre-Analyzer run, the user gets a detailed report of the checks that were done, status of the check (pass/fail) and the remediation. Thus, Pre-Analyzer identifies cause of any potential failure related to pre-requisites not met and leads to successful CLM installation or upgrade.


2> Ease of use

The revamped install planner has less input screen and lets user integrate CLM components easily. It has intelligence to install/upgrade individual components in required sequence automatically.


3> Communication channel and Data Checker

It keeps a check on NSH-RSCD communication channel during install/upgrade of individual components to avoid un-wanted failure of product install/upgrade. It also has an integrated utility that will check data inconsistencies before CLM upgrade.


4> Troubleshooting

Report generated from Pre-Analyzer helps to identify the potential cause of failure and remediation actions to be performed, even before running the installation. Wherever possible, instead of re-directing user to documentation, precise steps and suggestions have been provided to user through install planner.


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Sushan Bhattacharjee

Product Manager

BMC Software