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BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.03 includes the following themes:

4.6.03 is a cumulative release that includes the enhancements in 4.6.01 (AWS CloudFormation Template support) and 4.6.02 (BMC ITSM Brownfield utility).


BMC recommends that you use version 4.6.03 if you have not already started using 4.6.01 or 4.6.02.


Provider Parity

This theme includes enhancements for third-party provider integration.



  • New instance types that are available in Azure
  • Network Security Groups (NSGs) to control inbound and outbound network traffic from the VM
  • VPN-based private networks to secure management traffic to external, public cloud-based resources
  • Compliance at the service level

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Compliance at service level


  • Support for the Liberty and Mitaka releases
  • Compliance at the service level

Cloud Self-Service and Brokering

This theme includes enhancements for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management users.



  • Enable end users to transfer ownership and request services on behalf of another user
  • Rename tenants
  • Change the description of a service offering instance from the Administration Console
  • Specify the Azure Government URL when setting up an Azure user account

Tenant administrators

  • View the progress details of a service offering instance (SOI)

End users

  • Change the description of an SOI from the My Cloud Services console
  • View the progress details of an SOI

API and Networking

This theme includes API, SDK, and networking enhancements.



  • New SDK commands allow execution of custom operator actions
  • The ManagementApplication API shows detailed version numbers of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management and its key components


For more details about the documentation, click here.


For any queries regarding this release, contact Steve Anderson.


Downloading the installer

Go to the BMC Support website > Product Downloads section to download the installer for 4.6.03.