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By Lisa Greene


Check out the videos that were recently posted on these BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5 topics:


These videos outline the new, streamlined process for integrating BMC Change Management with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

The video for BMC Remedy ITSM and BMC Remedy OnDemand covers these topics:

  • Creating a change user
  • Enabling DSO on the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management server (an optional step if you want to synchronize with CMDB)
  • Registering the provider
  • Configuring BMC Change Management


The video for BMC Remedyforce covers these topics:

  • Creating the BMC Remedyforce provider
  • Viewing the change templates that are automatically created
  • Configuring the approval process


For complete details about these processes, see the Integrating with BMC Change Management topics in the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5 documentation.