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In this post, I will be covering the terms that many BMC Services and Partners personnel use when talking about CLM. But, not everyone may be familiar with these. I will try my best to keep this post up-to-date and may also point to it from my future posts for reference purpose.


Note: The primary focus of this post is to clarify the terminology in the context of CLM. Hence, we will not be discussing specific CLM capabilities here.


Lets get started.


The list is alphabetically sorted for ease of lookup.


Day 0Time in the life span of a cloud deployment that typically happens during cloud infrastructure setup. For many customers this would span process, people and technology.Setup vSphere infrastructure.
Day 1

Time when a Service is being requested/provisioned. It is typically in the context of a Service.

Note: Also see "Service Offering Instance" below.

Day 2Time from the point a Service has been provisioned. Again, it is in the context of a Service. Often, you may hear a statement like "Day 2 activity", which essentially means an action on a Service that has been provisioned by CLM.
Delivery Requestable Offering (DRO)It refers to a Service Catalog item that user can request. It is a special form of Requestable Offering (RO) that is specifically meant for Day 1 only.Service Catalog item to request "Windows IaaS".
Network ContainerIt provides a consistent set of networking services per the Network Blueprint definition. That is, two containers from the same Network Blueprint will offer identical set of services, such as, network routing, load balancing and firewall services.
POD (or Pod)A unit of capacity that encompasses Compute, Network and Storage and offers repeatability and consistency from capacity planning perspective. Example, a POD could host 'X' VMs of a given size. Often POD would involve several physical equipment and may also have additional components like a Converged Infrastructure (UCS, Flexpod, etc).
Requestable OfferingA Service Catalog item that user can request. In CLM context, it is tied to a Service Offering.
Service Offering Instance (SOI)It refers to a Service instance that is managed by CLM.
Transactional Requestable Offering (TRO)In the context of CLM it typically refers to  Day 2 Options.Modify CPU and Memory.
Virtual Network Disk (VND)A disk that is hosted on a network'ed storage infrastructure (such as, NAS or SAN).NFS mount, LUN.
Virtual System Disk (VSD)A disk that's directly attached to a server.Physical disk, VMware VMDK.


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