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In this post, I will share configuration steps which can help you configure your Additional Disk option and option choices which will allow placing VM’s Disks (multiple disks) on multiple VDR pools based on the size of the disk.


This is a key feature in the product to give customers greater control over disk space usage. This feature is being/has been introduced in following versions:


CLM 3.1 Hot-fix 14 (yet to be released). Contact support to collect the jar files.


CLM 3.1 SP1 Patch 2 Hot-fix 3, CLM 4.0 and CLM 4.1.


Here is an example of a use case:


You have a Requestable offering for SQL DB provisioning. The VM which hosts the database is supposed to have a specific number of drives (four or five for different purposes) available before the database provisioning job is executed.


While allotting drives with sizing options, you make use of the OPTIONS EDITOR to allow an end user to select a choice between SMALL or MEDIUM size. These sizing options are supposed to present pre-defined number of disks in each size with separate datastores for each disk drive. For example: One drive goes to one VDR Pool and the other goes to the 2nd VDR Pool and so on.


The basic configuration of Option, Option choices and Service Offering will be described in the documentation:


Adding additional system disks after deployment


Adding additional system disks to a service blueprint


Adding additional system disks during provisioning


Below is an example of configuring Option and Option Choices:


On the Service Catalog toolbar, click Options Editor

The Options Editor is displayed:




I have configured only three option choices for “Additional Disk” option (type of Request Definition) but you can have many based on your requirements.


Select your option choice (I am selecting “Medium2”) and on the toolbar on the right side of the Options Editor under Option Choices for, click Option Choice Blueprint Configuration Editor.


The Option Choice Blueprint Configuration Editor is displayed.


Select Blueprint Configuration > Service Deployment Definition > Compute Resources > Additional System Disk:




The New Blueprint Configuration window is displayed. In the New Blueprint Configuration window, enter the following values and click OK.




The Option Choice Blueprint Configuration Editor is displayed:




You can perform the same configuration for n number of Disks which you would like to add with provisioned virtual machine.

I have added three disks with following configurations:






After all configurations, the Option Choice Blueprint Configuration Editor is displayed as below:




The Service Governor Workspace needs to be configured for “Virtual Disk Repository” policy as follow:




You also need to configure your “Service Blueprint” and “Virtual Disk Repostiroy Pools” with TagGroup/Tags for specific Disk placement as follows:

Service Blueprint Configuration:




Switch to Resource Management Workspace and Compute Pool section. Select the “Virtual Disk Repository” from “Pool Type”.

For my example, I have two instances of “Virtual Disk Repository” and I will be utilizing them to place the provisioned virtual machine’s disks:




Edit each “Virtual Disk Repository” and add the respective TagGroup/Tag as follows:






After these configurations, add the Option’Option Choices to “Service Offering”:




Let’s submit the request and select the appropriate option choice for disks:




After a successful provisioning, we can review the VGJ (Virtual Guest Job) for Disk allocation:




I have taken the above screenshot from VGJ (Virtual Guest Job) in BSA (BMC Server Automation).

The screenshot confirms the allocation of disks to their specific Data store based on the selected option choice configuration.


In case you would like control the selection of OS disks then define a TagGroup/Tag at Resource Set level or at the Compute level in Service Blueprint and set the same TagGroup/Tag on one of the VDR Pool where you would like place you OS (operating system) disks.


I hope this article helps to understand good ways to configure your Additional Disk option and option choices which will allow to place VM’s Disks (multiple disks) on multiple VDR pools based on the size of the Disk.


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