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Herman Yudi
In the current CLM 4.6.05 release, when you click on "Remove" button or Offboard AWS Logical Data Center in the Network Container Workspace, it will hard delete your VPC from your AWS Portal instead…
Paul Seager-Smith
For environments with many VLANs configured, the default number of VLANs in ESX is not enough. Hence it is a requirement to support more and VMware therefore have the concept of using VXLANs to…
Sunil Seth
Currently CLM allows users to turn on/off roll-back of services from configuration files. Problem with this is, all services have to obey the rule once configuration file is updated. We need to make…
Sunil Seth
Current design limits us allocating offering to group of users from different tenants. Entitlement package is tightly coupled with tenants, hence it is not possible to achieve group/dept level…
Abhishek Rai
Creating this idea on behalf of one of our customer who is looking for Windows 2016 support as an OS to install CLM 4.6 release on it.   Base on the request from our customers, we can have it in our…
Bala Dengale
Hi Team,   We are CLM 4.1 and trying to use DNS registration and de-registration new features to use.   I saw in document its for BIND DNS only, Can I use Microsoft DNS Server 2012?? No where in… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
Atul Matkar
Hello All, I want to customize host name in CLM 4.1 please advice best approach or let me know if anybody did in past. requirement as below.   1 2 3 4-6 7-12 W/L A P/Q… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
Shubham Mittal
Hi Experts,   As we are provisioning VMs through BMC CLM and in VC we are getting VM by its IP not by name. So is there any configuration needs to be change so that we can provision VMs by name.… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
Becasue customer will change now ESXI Server to EMC VxRail Server then on CLM need do which thing? and about EMC VxRail by it local datastort has suppot on CLM? Becasue now CLM seem not…
Akshay D
Hello Team,   We have CLM 4.6.05 windows environment and deploying the multi-tier service. But I am unable to provide individual host-name user entry enable option for every server. I am choosing… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
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