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Vinnie Lima
4.6.07 Feature Pack removes the statically defined "/month" value for the cost of a Service Offering.   While this can be circumvented as a global setting (by editing the offerings.html view),…
Yogesh Sareen
On CLM Post Deploy Action, for the Post Deploy Activity Log under Service Request, More Details tab should also show the Server details on which the action was performed.    
Vinnie Lima
Ability to define Azure options as available when provisioning a Virtual Machine via Azure Portal. Currently no ability to define Backup, Recovery Services Vault, and a Backup Policy as part of a…
Rodrigo Arratia
It would be a good idea to have the same amount of options to exute as a Day 2 action to invoke AO Workflows based on Post Deploy Actions. We already support them for BSA and Amazon Classic provider,…
Utkarsh Kamat Shankhwalkar
I am provisioning VMs from CLM on AWS EC2/Azure platforms. The VM provisioning is successful. We have configured a SOCKS proxy in AWS/Azure for BSA to connect to the VMs on their private IP…
Abhishek Rai
As of now, CLM only supports the LDC refresh action for vCloud LDC. Can we have the same feature of Azure and AWS so that newly added contents can be shown/utilize in CLM for already onboarded LDC.
Sanket Mhatre
Hi,   We are on CLM RDS 4.6.06, and using CLM for provisioning VMs in Azure.   Note : NSG := Network Security Group   Usecase : Cloud Admin would define common Network Security Group for example…
Abhishek Rai
There is no vertical scrollbar to navigate through the Deployment Definitions in case we have many to switch. Refer the attached screenshot for a reference.   The vertical scrollbar will help us to…
Thomas Stiefel
Hello all,   we have have a curious issue which happens from time to time and sometimes it goes away on 2nd or 2rd try, but sometimes it stays.   In Resource management of CLM Admin Console I go… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
Akshay D
Hi Team,   This is CLM 4.6.05 windows platform configured with vCenter and we have POD & NC configured with Standard switches having 18 nodes in it. Now we want to re-provision this container with… (Show more)
in Cloud Lifecycle Mgmt
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