• Windows 10 1909 path ISO download

    Hello   Whenever I try to download Windows 10 1909 ISO to put in patch management, it gives me the error Download Failed. Strange is that, unlike the other ISOs (Windows10x64Professional1909.iso for example), th...
    Paulo Castro
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  • BCM 12.7 duplicate device name removal

    Hello,   To allow duplicate device name, We have enabled Allowed Duplicate device name option in global settings system variables. Now we could see duplicate hostname in BCM. In our scenario, whenever machine ge...
    Vipul Pawaskar
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  • compliance license usage

    Hi,   Can anyone give me a tip how to create a query that shows me which devices consume a compliance license? Unfortunately, I can not find any information which functions consume a C license at all. So I thoug...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • BMC Client Management Patch Management list of bulletin

    Hi All,   I need list of bulletin  such as Operating systems & applications – (Windows , Server and Linux) and Applications (Adobe, Apache, Mozilla, Filezilla Notepad++, 7-Zip, VLC, Skype, etc) pr...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • load/unload modules in OpRule

    Bonjour everyone,   I wont say anything about the BMC-CM docs, but according this How to UNLOAD a module ?
    Andrey Gabriel
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  • Permissions required for the Direct Access option to Restart the Agent

    I just noticed that anyone on our team without the Super admin rights in Client Management have the menu item in Direct Access Tools to Restart the Agent grayed out. SO while testing I discovered that they need Manage...
    Angie Deetz
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  • BMC 12.8 executive report what are the product family numbers it list -- product family 1240

    BMC 12.8 executive report what are the product family numbers it list -- product family 1240 & 1243.. I need to be able to explain what theses are along with the affected product numbers in this report -- its a ou...
    jeff ready
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  • Getting BMC to run a command while a user is not logged in. (Tranxition Profile Migration)

    We recently bought Tranxition Profile Manager and we are able to extract profiles using the Advanced User Profile Extraction OP rule which allows us to not take the local admin account profiles. However when we try to...
    Patrick Berrigan
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  • Is Chilli unable to handle large disk sizes?

    I am writing a script for my company that checks all existing disks on a device and sends an email when below 20%.  This has worked fine until applied to drives that are 2.6 TB+ where I receive a triple+ digit or...
    Adam Small
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  • BMC Client Management Patch Management Network Limitation

    Hi All,   Please guide about BMC Client Management Patch Management that suppose if I have 10 mbps bandwidth and need to run patches have some mb size but if I run that patch than it will consume all bandwidth. ...
    S. Abu Owais Bin Nasar
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  • Asset Discovery not returning full device name

    Our customer has multiple sites, these sites have different domains. The Asset Discovery in the latest site is not returning the domain as a part of the device name. As such they are ending up with two devices in th...
    carlisle Wyllie
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  • BCM 12.8 unable to login to BCM console

    Hi,   I am getting an error below while login to bcm console.       have checked the log in mtxagent.log and have seen below errors   --------------------------------------------------------...
    Vipul Pawaskar
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  • I need a report for DNS servers on some clients.

    Does anyone know what column for a subreport, or query criteria to get the results of DNS settings of a client?   Basically want the results of ipconfig/all for DNS servers.  Once I have a report, we want t...
    Scott Gibson
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  • Supported Apple OS (Client Only)

    I have a customer having an issue installing agent on latest Apple Mac version (Catalina).  I have pulled the supported OS page from the on line documentation:     I do not see Catalina list...
    Steve Gibbs
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  • Best practice for inventory parameters

    Bonjour,   I need somehow a small refresh on that topic, as it been set long time ago when we had just few devices to manage.     In the Inventory Modules (Custom, Hardware, Security Product Mgt, Secu...
    Andrey Gabriel
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  • Client Management OSD and NVME drives

    Has anyone out there tried to use OSD with NVME drives?  We have a few laptops that I would like to set as a baseline and pull a wim form.  These laptops have an NVME drive and that is the only real differen...
    James Hennessey
    created by James Hennessey
  • Is it possible to make available the missing patches in the application kiosk for the servers ?

    Hello,   We wish to make patches available through the kiosk. Is that possible ?   The goal is to see the missing patches for the server in the kiosk tobe able to apply them.
    Creton Fabrice
    created by Creton Fabrice
  • Is there a way to globally set attributes for all users?

    I am working on adding custom attributes for some of our devices. I want to be able to globally set attributes for our devices.For example, anytime someone logs in and looks at devices, the same tabs/attributes will b...
    Jake McGreevy
    created by Jake McGreevy
  • OP run as current user - yes i know -.-

    Hello,   I know that the topic has been discussed several times, but I still do not understand the reason. If I try to execute an OP "as current user", then the operating rule inevitably fails if the operating...
    Philipp Ernicke
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  • patch group mishap | need to stop patch cycle

    We accidentally sent patches to 600 devices and need to stop the notification and reboot cycle. Is there a schedule file and or folders on the agent that we can delete to stop the job or group from notifying and/or re...
    Scott Gibson
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