• Enhance Collecting Windows Event Logs Data

    Hello BCM Admins,   I have just created an IDEA to upgrade the ability of the Op Rule Step that looks at the Windows Event Logs.  To increase exposure and votes I am posting here to make you all aware of th...
    Steve Gibbs
    created by Steve Gibbs
  • Can we put computers that is on a domain in workgroup with bmc ?

    Hello, We want to put computers into workgroup. They are currently integrated into a domain. There is an action join the domain on bmc but not unlink a domain. Do you have any ideas?
    Fabrice Creton
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  • How to Manage Superceded Patches in BCM Patch Management?

    As I know Ivanti Endpoint manager can found out the bulletin that was outdated and replaced by another Bulletin.   I can automate to mark out that from the bulletin list and apply the latest version to the clien...
    victor chan
    created by victor chan
  • Executing Powershell  - Access denied

    Hi all   I am trying to fire off an installer for a powershell script usin gthe start-process command.   Seems no matter what i so i am getting access denied messages :   start-process : Access is de...
    Steve Hobbins
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  • Device have high utilization in CPU from BCM agent?

    We have reported that one user has a high CPU from the client management agent?   What is the best way to troubleshooting this behavior!   thanks in advance!
  • How can we create report by CPU?

    Did anyone have CPU report in client management 12.9?   thanks in advance
  • Windows Device Management (DLP) - New Technology

    Hi folks,   For those using Windows Device Management Rules (Must own Compliance), I ran into an issue this morning when customer plugged in a USB Storage device and it registered as a "Portable" device and also...
    Steve Gibbs
    last modified by Steve Gibbs
  • How to delete Device Group name "XXX_DEVICEGROUPTOBEDELETED_23281_1587479725"

    Hello   In a Patch Deplyment powered by Devices Groups, some computers appear in a device group that I can't find. It´s not located in Lost & Found. The group name is XXX_DEVICEGROUPTOBEDELETED_2328...
    Paulo Castro
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  • Windows 10 2004 ISO download to Patch Deployment

    Whenever I try to download Windows 10 2004 ISO to put in patch management, it gives me the error Download Failed. The ISO files are located in Patches folder at drive root.   The File names are correct: Windows1...
    Paulo Castro
    last modified by Paulo Castro
  • How to query Agent Status

    Any Idea on how to query the Agent Status of the Client   Thank you
    Pet Marinay
    last modified by Pet Marinay
  • Best practice for rolling out Office 365 click & run updates

    Bonjour, Pouvez-me vous me dire quelle est la bonne pratique de déploiement de mise à jour pour le pack office 365, en réseau local avec outils BMC ? Actuellement BMC Client Management 12.9, r&e...
    last modified by IT NOVASEP
  • How can we Prepar the CSR

    We need support to generate CSR file in order to proceed and issuing the required certificate from our CA.I am trying to know the steps, any advice   thanks in advance   Preparing the CSR - Documentation ...
  • BCM User Profile Installed application data | software inventory

    Hi,   There are few application which gets installed under users profile (C:\Users\USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\Programs\APPLICATION_NAME) and hence these application doesn't get discovered by BCM under software in...
    Vipul Pawaskar
    last modified by Vipul Pawaskar
  • Error Code 81522

    Today while working with a new BCM customer we tried running the Op Rule Step to "Retrieve & Install Latest Definition File" on 2 separate devices in our test group.  One failed and one succeeded. The on that...
    Steve Gibbs
    last modified by Steve Gibbs
  • RemoteControl does not work with Chrome

    Hi,     I have a customer who cannot use remote control in the browser with Chrome but everything works fine in Firefox.  If we try to connect via Chrome, there are nothing in the bcm log. Proxy opti...
    Philipp Ernicke
    created by Philipp Ernicke
  • Work with relay client, We have 3 relay servers need to have each group of devices?

    We are planning to push the client on 2000 devices, how can we specify a group of devices under each relay server? what is the right steps to have each relay own group device not communicate with the master server onl...
    abdallah hamaydeh
    last modified by abdallah hamaydeh
  • How to have MSI Client Management package?

    We need to push Client Management agent using SCCM Tool,   any advice, please.   thanks in advance
    abdallah hamaydeh
    last modified by abdallah hamaydeh
  • We are trying to access remote device using DMZ relay server?

    We are unable to access the internet device, How can I make sure that configuration is right? from DMZ server or installed agent or any advice, I am really stuck  
    abdallah hamaydeh
    last modified by abdallah hamaydeh
  • Error code in agent deployment

    Hello dears   I have the following situation and I would like to have your help.   When deploying the agent on devices I get the following error:   1-. Failed to start the remote service 2-. _ERRORC...
    Pablo Lobarede
    last modified by Pablo Lobarede
  • "Hidden" Remote Control Session

    Hi Everybody,   We would like to allow service desk agents to remote control "kiosk" type computers (i.e. interactive terminals in public locations), without anyone in the public space being able to view what's ...
    Adi Leibowitz
    last modified by Adi Leibowitz