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1 Post authored by: Raphael Chauvel Moderator
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On December 31st, 2016 there will be a (positive) leap second. It is an adjustment of a second so that atomic clocks do not differ from Earth's rotational time by more than 0.9 seconds.

Given this is known for having caused problems to some operating systems and software in the past, some of you might be wondering how your systems will behave.


When requesting time to the OS, BMC Client Management leverages a C API that returns a structure which takes leap seconds into account: the number of seconds returned can be 0-61.


Depending on the OS and machine settings (typically how NTP is configured), the OS will either will either just 'step' the time and update time immediately or 'slew' the time which means slowly apply the difference between server and client. In both cases, BCM would not even know there was a leap second.


In a nutshell, your BCM installation is not going to be impacted. As a matter of fact the last leap second was in June 2015 and no issues were reported against BCM that were due to leap second.



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