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Client Management

2 Posts authored by: Zane Bond
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Client management 12.1 is now generally available to all customers on support. The downloads are available on the BMC EPD (Electronic products download), and very soon on the old Numara support site.




What's new in 12.1?


For one, we have moved our docs to a wiki, which means the what's new page details can be found here. But here are some highlights.


  • Distributed OSD - Setup one OSD manager, then use image repositories and boot agents around the world to deploy images.
  • UEFI - Full support for all boot types (Bios, UEFI or mixed), even with secure boot enabled OSD just works.
  • OSD via USB stick - Because sometimes it's just easier to re-image a device on the fly.
  • Other OSD enhancements (Delta transfers, driver optimization, etc).
  • Secure reboot controls - Be sure your critical devices will not reboot at the wrong time.
  • New branding and colors for the console
  • SLM enhancements for selecting software titles by version
  • And many more....


Do I need to worry about anything with this upgrade?


If you are not using OSD, there should be no impact on upgrade and you should be able to just apply the in place upgrade, agents will auto update, new rules and objects will just show up in the console, and the console will auto update also.


If you are using OSD, you may want to think about moving to our recommended best practice of a single OSD manager, you can still use multiple if you want, it's just easier to use a single one with image repositories under it. Also we're moving to the new ADK for OSD, this can be done before or after the update, but it will be required on your OSD manager, more details are here.

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New platforms are constantly released, for major platforms we make sure that any devices or operating systems you deploy within your environment are supported. In Client Management 12, you do not need to wait for a major update to get support for your needed platforms. We are releasing support via hot fixes which are typically painless updates that do not require the significant validation of a major update.


With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that Client Management has added support for windows 10. You will need to apply the most current hot fix (150805o or higher).




For clients, all functionality is supported on Windows 10 devices, including but not limited to:


  • Agent installations
  • Rollouts
  • Inventory
  • Remote Control
  • Patching
  • Software Deployments
  • etc.


Here is my Windows 10 Patch Job in progress:



By the way, pay no attention to the colors and icons in the console, i'm using the beta version of 12.1. However, if you are curious or if you would like to join the beta test, click below and we'll get you into our BMC Client Management Beta Program .

If you wish to see even more of what is coming, feel free to attend one of the BCM sessions or meet up with me at BMC Enagage in Vegas this September.


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