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1 Post authored by: Erin Avery
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Who hasn’t been asked to show the return on an investment in the past few years?  It could be a new project, it could be an ongoing project, but suffice it to say, no project is immune from that age old question: What’s the ROI? 


We’ve always known BMC FootPrints has a great value story.  Built on a flexible platform, for years our customers have been leveraging FootPrints to seamlessly deliver IT services and securely manage assets.  And many of our customers have taken the flexible platform that is FootPrints and used it to manage, automate and secure business processes beyond IT. 


Duke Energy is a shining example of a customer that really put the flexibility of FootPrints to work to create tremendous business value, backed up by a solid ROI.  Duke Energy invested in FootPrints to help manage and secure operations associated with their power grid and maintain and demonstrate NERC compliance.  It’s safe to say, three years later, Duke Energy’s investment in FootPrints was a sound one.  With a 242% annual return on investment, a 5-month payback period and average annual benefit nearing $400,000, the numbers speak for themselves – FootPrints provides some very solid bang for Duke Energy’s buck!


Thanks to Duke Energy and independent analyst firm, Nucleus Research, for working with BMC to help assess and share this exciting value story!  I encourage you to read the entire Duke Energy – FootPrints Return on Investment (ROI) Case Study


If you’re a FootPrints customer interested in documenting the value FootPrints has created, give me a shout at! There is nothing more fun than sharing success stories and whether you realize it or not, you’ve got a great story to tell!

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