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West Midlands Ambulance Service implemented BMC Helix Client Management with the goal of consolidating its mix of homegrown, manual, and vendor tools to more effectively manage and track its assets. BMC Helix Client Management deploys the proper software specific to the device and the user, ensures organizational and industry policy compliance, and keeps patches up to date until the device is retired.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took workers offsite and then returned them to the office, the solution has allowed WMAS the flexibility to accommodate both onsite and home-based workers, with critical security patching extended easily to remote locations when needed, accomplished in just one weekend.

BMC Helix Client Management’s comprehensive automation capabilities help ensure that both part-time workers and full-time employees can effectively manage the Trust’s growing number of technology assets without troublesome or time-consuming hand-offs. Importantly, the Trust has also been able to reduce its compliance risk by automating policy compliance and remediation for endpoint access.

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